Not a laughing situation...

I was so exsited! The Bahamas were awesome! But now Me and Vanessa were going to Africa. We were almost there when we flew into fog. "BEEP!!!!!!!! BEEP!!!!!!!!!!!! BEEP!!!!!!!!!"

My older sister Vanessa and I were extremely excited. We had an enjoyable week in the Bahamas. But now we were flying over to Africa. We packed our bags with blasting music playing, to get us excited. I packed my bag with all my stuff that had been scattered around the hotel room. I through my bathroom products into there own little case and through them into my suitcase. I was ready and finally Vanessa finished. I slipped on my flip flops and fallowed Vanessa out our door. Before I shut the door I took one more look around, and said goodbye to the once appealing room. But now the room was a mess from us trying to find our stuff. We checked out of the hotel and went out to the taxi that we had called to come. We shoved our bags into the trunk along with our carry on bags. We got into the car in a hurry and told the taxi to step on it.

We arrived to the airport in time to get all our stuff without running. Vanessa paid the driver and grabbed her stuff. I was waiting by the door. I spun around and smiled then I frowned because I was upset we were leaving such a nice beautiful place. Bongo drums filled the air as we walked into the huge airport. Palm trees were also in the airport, big and gorgeous. Vanessa pulled me out of my day dream and pulled me over to the counter. A lady asked if we had our tickets for our flight. My sister showed her them and the lady pointed to were our gate was. We thanked her and we were on our way. We walked to the gate and gave the flight attendant our tickets and passports, looked behind us and waved goodbye too the Bahamas.

Vanessa found our seats and we through our carry on bags above us into the head cabin. I scooted into the seat against the window and starred out. I guess I wasn’t ready to leave yet. Vanessa scooted in next to me. Then we buckled up and popped a piece of gum into our mouth. It was going to be a long flight. The captain came on the intercom and said we would be flying over some fog in the Bermuda triangle. I laughed and so did my sister. We had heard so many ridiculous stories about the Bermuda triangle. The stories meant nothing though because you cant just disappear right out of the sky! They were all so silly. A few minutes later the flight attendant came by with a cart full of packaged peanuts, cups and ice cold sodas. Vanessa got a mtn red with 3 packages of peanuts. I asked for the full can of a 1up and 5 packages of peanuts. I was starving and couldn’t wait to eat the salted little devils and gulp down my mouth watering pop. Moments later after chugging my soda and crunching the peanuts down I pressed my head against the window to get a look out. The captain wasn’t kidding it was getting foggy outside. And fast. I closed my drooping eyes and remembered the nice warm beach we had been on and drifted fast asleep.

Next thing I heard was screaming, a loud beeping noise and the intercom blaring with the pilot talking well maybe not talking ,but more like screaming directions. I looked over at Vanessa, her eyes were huge with fright and she was having a panic attack. I shook her and screamed in her face asking what was wrong. No answer. I screamed as loud as I could until she looked at me and so did several other eyes. Vanessa told me what was happening. Turns out we were over the Bermuda triangle and CRASHING! I grabbed her hand and all we could do was pray. We prayed and prayed and prayed. Of coarse I was scarred.

The beeping continued, but people settled down. Mainly some were crying though. They knew we were going to die. The plain fell out of the sky faster and faster. I stopped praying and screamed. The fall was making me woozy. I grabbed my stomach and up chucked all over the isle. Next thing I remembered was the plain hit the ground with a jerk and a bump and people were flying all over. I guess I had passed out because when I woke up I didn’t remember crashing so much. I cradled my head in my hands. I pulled one of my hands down and there in the palm was blood. I felt my hole face and found that my nose had been broken. My whole body was in excruciating pain and shock. I looked over at everyone. My sister was up, but like me was in shock. I hugged her and began to cry. She moved her head when I began to do that. She kissed my forehead and put her arms around me. I felt my head become wet and I heard her sob. I picked up myself and looked around. The place was a mess. Broken windows, bags thrown around, people weeping, and some people were dead. I seen the flight attendant. She was in the isle, flat on the ground her head was split, there was glass on her and over all she was a bloody mess. I looked away before the vomit could come up.

From the 15 that were left from 25 walked out of the plane. My sister grabbed my hand and walked stiffly behind me. I was shaking. Barely being able to walk myself. The air was hot and I noticed we were in the water. Bloody water. It was up to our ankles. I was to busy looking down that I didn’t notice that there was a teeny island in front of me. All 15 of us walked up onto the island. A man fell as soon as he got on the sand. He began to weep and wale and yell. He was throwing sand around. He just looked so empty. Everyone did. My sister had cuts all over her. I hadn’t noticed since the plane was dark. I too fell to the sand after my sister had dropped my hand. I wrapped my arms around my legs and basically just curled into a ball. Everyone I noticed fell onto the sand. Most of them crying and some just starring at nothing.

It had been at least an hour before anyone had moved or said anything. Then one women and man who had been holing hands got up and had asked what we were all suppose to do. The women said that we shouldn’t just sit there. My sister answered her very angrily. And said, oh yah so what are we suppose to do. We have nothing. Were stranded on a fricken island. The man that had first fallen onto the sand answered back saying that we could eat each other. Now everyone was really scarred. Not only were we stranded, but apparently we were stranded with a murderer. I gripped my sister. Were we ever going to make it back home or would we stay here and die?

The End

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