Not a Day Nor Night

Not a Day Nor night


                I wake in the morn to another day, the sun has yet to rise above the horizon. Memories of the night before come rushing back to me, joy fills within my heart as I watch the memories playback through my mind. I hope you know that not a day or night passes without me thinking of you and your beauty, your image flashes across my mind’s eye and sometimes I swear to the gods that I can feel your presence beside me even when you are not near.


                Upon awakening I throw on my garments, and off to the academy I depart. I know you won’t be there but I always subconsciously hope that you will be. Some would say I’m obsessed while others would say I’m fully devoted, personally I say that I am not obsessed but merely in love. For obsession doesn’t come filled with love and hopefulness, it only comes in selfish desire, and I love you, not selfishly desire you.


                Not a day or night passes without me thinking of the next date I’ll take you on, the next movie we’ll go see together, the next time we’ll play an online game together. You say that I don’t have to do big things for you such as buying you expensive gifts or taking you places in which you love, but I do because I love you. Your love isn’t cheap, you are not cheap. And not a day or night passes in which I wish you were cheaper, I love you for who you are now and I don’t ever desire you to change. Your happiness and welfare comes before anything else to me in this world and beyond.


When you are ill, I’ll be there.

When you are saddened, I’ll be there to brighten your day

Even if the world is ending, I’ll be by your side protecting you till my final breath.



Not a Day nor Night goes by…

…Without me thinking of how much I love you


The End

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