Lights: Ten ... 4

Aimee remained silent. Listening to Christian’s words made her feel guilty for wishing that Adela was gone. She had done nothing but helped her family. “Thank you, Christian,” she said. She was tempted to ask him why he had decided to move in with Rathor, but she had second thoughts. Maybe this wasn’t the right time, maybe he didn’t want to talk about it or share it with her. Had he told her brother then?

“Anytime,” he replied. Small flickers of light permeated the atmosphere around them, as if the stars had descended from the skies to dance for them.  However, these weren’t stars; they were fireflies in the dark night.

“Lovely.” Aimee breathed. “This is breath-taking.” Her smile was wide, reaching almost her green eyes, which moments before were lily pads in a pool of sad. “I could stay here all night.”

“I’m not sure your family would appreciate that,” Christian said. “It’s growing late; they must be waiting for you to start dinner.” He saw Aimee’s head rest on her knees, a clear sign of disappointment. “You can come here any day. Just tell me and we could come together.”

Aimee lifted her head and wished she didn’t appear too eager for his company. “I would love that.” Christian stood up and helped Aimee to her feet. Their bodies were so close that she could feel his warmth, she lift up her head and their faces were just inches apart. Her heartbeat accelerated and her brain was unable to take in everything that was going on with the world in her head. She smiled.

He smiled back and bent down to take her bag. “I’ll walk you back to the road.”

Aimee’s smile faded a bit, it wasn’t the ending of a beautiful evening she was expecting. However, she quickly brushed that thought away and followed Christian back to the road. Once there, Aimee took her bags again and bid him a good night.

Christian leaned in on her and his smooth lips caressed her cheek. Then he whispered in her ear, “go home and be happy.” He stepped back and went inside the blacksmith shop.

Aimee stood there motionless, her hand touching her cheek were Christian’s lips had brushed her skin. It felt so good to have him so close to her. She turned around and walked home, humming a nice tune in her head as she went along.

Adela’s lone figure was standing in the doorway of the house when Aimee arrived. She had an expression of concern in her. “Miss Aimee, I was so worried for you. What took you so long in the Market?”

Aimee was warmed at Adela’s concern for her, after she had been so unkind. “I’m sorry to worry you Adela. I got caught up with seeing other merchandise that I lost notion of time. Is dinner ready?”

Adela nodded, relieved that nothing wrong had happened. “Dinner is ready; we’re all waiting for you.”

“Thank you Adela,” Aimee said, “I’m so happy I met you. Don’t ever forget that.”

“I won’t Aimee,” she said. “Now come inside and warm yourself.”

Aimee stepped into the warm house filled with sweet aromas of food. She took her place in the dining table and drank her soup. It was delicious; she turned to look at Joseph, he seemed to be enjoying it too. She hoped that the soup had some effects on his aches. The dining table was full of life that night, something that was lacking when the three of them were together and alone. Shortly after dinner, Adela started baking a pie and Pablo was playing in the living room with a paper airplane. Joseph had summoned Daniel and Aimee outside.

“I have something important to tell you,” he said. His voice had a foreign tinge of excitement. “There is predicted to be a massive amount of solar activity during the last days of October. This is a great chance to harvest Light.”

“But father, Shkein surely knows about that, he would be in the sky since early in the evening,” Daniel said.

“Patience, son,” Joseph continued. “I talked to Lynder, he said that history tells about the Far Northern Skies were the Lights are abundant and their splendor excessive. It is some miles farther up and ahead of our skies but I think we can make it.”

Aimee’s eyes widened in surprise, “I read about that in my book! The Far Northern Sky is saturated with ice storms and high, rapid winds. It is a very dangerous place, even for the best aviators, and the Chaser is not going to withstand the impacts. You cannot possibly think of going up there, dad.”

Joseph nodded, excited. He suddenly seemed a different person, as if renewed energy was poured on him. “We can make it,” he assured them. “The only thing we need is to break through Shkein’s airship formation. If we equip the Chaser to fly faster we will be okay. It is only that strip of airships we have to outrun; haven is on the other side. About the ice storms, we’re not traveling that far north, there are several miles separating us and the storms.”

Daniel and Aimee were astounded at their father’s bold request. Neither of them envisioned the Chaser sailing into farther and stranger skies. The thought of it was daunting and slightly scary.

“I will be the captain,” Joseph said. “And together we will find those Lights again, consumed by history, and harvest them.”

That didn’t soothe Aimee. She couldn’t stop the gnawing feeling in the pit of her stomach telling her that something would turn out terribly bad. However, she kept her thoughts to herself, because her father hadn’t been so excited or happy about flying in such a long time. Daniel felt the same.

The End

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