Northern Lights Chasers

Daniel and Aimee lost their father during an expedition to the Far Northern Skies to harvest Dust from the Aurora Borealis after being forced away from their land by the Skhein Corporation. Little did they know that their search for the brighter Lights would lead them to moments of great grief and the miraculous discovery of a city in the sky.

Sometimes the Stars in the Sky know Legends and Stories that are unknowable to Humanity.

Legend tells that a City of Light dwells among the high clouds of the Far Northern Skies. In ancient times, travelers claim sightings of the Golden City in several of their trips to the Far North to uncover ancient history, however brief the view, they have come back with extraordinary and fascinating accounts of a golden pearl in the sky, glowing alongside the Aurora Borealis. Although they weren’t close enough to discern details and whatnot, they have been infatuated by the mystery wrapped by the clouds and the Lights. Expeditions followed in hope of uncovering the truth the Sky held for the world, but many failed. The City of Light was well protected; the only time it made its appearance was during the Aurora Borealis and only for a fleeting period of time. Additionally, its threshold was permeated by ice storms with strong winds and cold, piercing ice. It was cold hell in Earth. Many expedition parties either came back damaged and severed or didn’t come back at all. It was a grim era for Northern Expeditions and many great travelers were turned into Ice Dust and lost to the world.

The event was known worldwide, and feared. The World decided it was better to leave that place uncovered and forgotten. The Earth witnessed many Northern Lights but none of its inhabitants uttered a word about the long-lost legend in the sky. In Present times, the legend is no longer known, or known by few sages who decide to remain silent; moreover, nobody asks, cares, or believes about the City of Light anymore. What used to be a beautiful legend that charmed the heart and soul of many adventurous travelers was now deeply buried in the pages of history, fogged and blurred by elements of fairytales and storytelling. Many, however, still regard the phenomena of the Lights as a godly event where a display of Lights enlightens and awes the population of the Earth.

The End

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