"A vampire, a werewolf, a fallen angel, a ghost, a mermaid and a human walk into a house. Sounds like the start of a joke, right? Not when this is the basic part of my life.
They gave me the ultimatum - either I help them act like a normal human or they rip me to shreds. Looks like this is the start of my new life..."

Chapter 1 – Monster mates

People tell you all the time that fairy tales don’t exist and there are no monsters under your bed. That was the same with my family. I never could have imagined that at 21 years old I would start believing in them again.

But then again, I do share a flat with them.

I was 21 years old with a stable job and with enough money to buy a flat. No relationships and my parents were encouraging me to go out and live my life. I was a journalist at a high-flying paper. However, one day, my fellow colleague and best friend told me about an advert which was going in the paper. The advert which would change my life and the way I viewed the world.

“You should go and apply for it, Adrianna!” Kristen told me, handing me the advert, “You’ve been saying about how you wanted to meet new people!”

I took the paper from her, skimming over the details, “Kristen...I don’t’s a little weird. I mean, they could be murderers for all we know! And...” I read the second sentence, “There’s five of them. What are the chances I would get on with all of them!?”

“Well go and find out! You’re meeting this...” Kristen grabbed the article from me, “...oooh...Bo 2 hours time at the house. Oh, by the way, bring back a photo of him! If he’s fit, he’s mine! He sounds like a mysterious rebel!”

I grinned, “You have a one track mind!”

Kristen cocked her head to one side, pleadingly. I sighed, exasperated.

“And...yes...I will bring you back a picture,” I muttered.

“Thank you!” Kristen pulled me into a hug, happily, “Trust me! You won’t regret this!”


I was already regretting it as I pulled up outside the house.

It was your average house – a cream semi detached house which was built next to an alley. The window panes were all brown coloured and there were a few cracks here and there in the paint work. A wall had been built next to the alley – however, it was in pieces on the driveway. I frowned before climbing out of my red mini cooper and storming up to the red front door. I rang the doorbell, nervously, before smoothing my hair into place. It was a side plait which I hoped looked quite fashionable.

I was wearing blue denim jeans with a white blouse on top. On top of the blouse was a red vest top which I thought looked quite trendy. My brown leather jacket hung over my clothes with style and I looked pretty good.

However, I felt like I was the ugliest thing alive when Bo Blackmore opened the door.

He wasn’t at all what I had expected. He had long blonde hair which was cut in a surfer-style. His skin was pale and his eyes were a deep brown. He was wearing a black fitting t-shirt (which happened to show off his muscle tone), a black leather jacket and black motorbike boots.

Kristen was right. He was good looking.

“Adrianna, right?” Bo asked, smiling. I shook my head, trying to get myself out o my trance.

“Oh! Y-yes! I’m Adrianna. Here about the vacancy?” I stuttered, wanting to slap myself.

“Right. Well, come in then,” Bo stood to the side, letting me step inside. I gingerly stepped into the hall, my black ankle boots clacking on the wooden floor.

The hall wasn’t much of a hall. More of a little cloakroom. It opened out into the living room which had stairs running up on the right hand side. A small kitchen was at the back of the living room, behind the sofa.

The leather sofa was placed in front of the TV, right in the middle of the room. There were two arm chairs on either side which faced each other. There were two people sitting in each chair and one on the sofa. The TV was off, so they must have been talking to each other. However, when I walked into the room, they weren’t talking: they were all staring at me. Two of them were male and the last one was female.

“Bo? What’s this?” One of the male’s asked, angrily. He was brown haired, with a spiky haircut. His hair was spiked up at the back and straight at the front. He had light green eyes which were much more judging that Bo’s eyes. I gulped, as he looked me up and down. He was wearing a grey short sleeved shirt with black jeans and black converse shoes.

“I think you mean, who’s this, Xavier,” The girl smirked at Xavier, knowingly. She was a beautiful redhead with dark red hair which was obviously dyed. Her deep green eyes were big and gorgeous, which a thick layer of mascara on her eyelashes. She was wearing a satin red shirt, which was quite revealing, with light blue jeans. On her feet were ruby-red high heels which were VERY high, to say the least.   

“Alright, alright,” Xavier muttered, glaring at the redhead.

“Everyone, this is Adrianna Catelli,” Bo smiled, confidently, “Hopefully, if you guys don’t come across too weird, she’ll be our new roommate,”

“Oh, don’t worry! I’ve seen many weird people. I’m sure you’re not that different!” I smiled, confidently. However, my smile faltered when all four of them burst out laughing.

“Ha ha! Oh...erm...right. Yeah, we’re not that different,” The final boy laughed, loudly. He was also quite pale, like Bo, but he had short and cropped jet-black hair. He was taller and bigger built than the rest of them – and his muscle tone was heavily developed. He had black eyes and a confident look about him. He, like Bo, was wearing a black t-shirt and black jeans.

“Okay, that’s Scarlett,” Bo told me, pointing at the redhead, “That’s Damien...” He pointed at the boy with black hair, “and that’s Xavier,” He finally pointed at the brown haired boy.

Damien gave me a curt nod while Scarlett smiled and waved. Xavier simply got up and pulled Bo to one side, angrily whispering.

“Hi Adrianna,” Scarlett walked over to me, flicking her hair to one side, “I hope you do decide to stay here. This place needs another girl,”

“Yeah, it does,” Damien got up from his chair, speedily, “Especially a girl who is pretty hot,”

Scarlett sighed, “Never mind him, he’ll flirt with anything that has a pulse,”

I giggled, feebly, “Right. Ummm...I thought the advert said there were five people living here. Do you mind me asking where the fifth person is?”

Scarlett and Damien shared a quick glance. I frowned.

“ here, right at the moment...” I could tell that Scarlett was choosing her words carefully.

“Yeah, you got that right...” Damien muttered, under his breath. However, he shut up when Scarlett hit him in the ribs.

“Sorry, to interrupt,” Xavier stormed over to me, with Bo hot on his heels, “But what job do you have, Adrianna Catelli?”

I opened my mouth to speak, but Damien spoke for me, “She’s a journalist,”

“Damien...” Scarlett warned. However, I was shell-shocked at how he knew what my job was.

“How the hell did you know that?” I asked, angrily.

Damien’s cool personality suddenly faded, “I-I...”

“He’s read your articles. Big fan,” Bo let out a nervous laugh, which didn’t convince me.

“That doesn’t matter! What does matter is that you leave. Now,” Xavier folded his arms, wearing a furious look.

Scarlett gasped, “Xavier!”

“You know why we need a human!” Bo yelled at Xavier.

“Bo! Are you trying to get caught!?” Xavier shouted, before quickly glancing at me. He was obviously not intimidated by Bo.

“She is going to have to know some time! You were all for this idea! But as soon as your little secret was threatened, you try to back out?! Well, guess what, Xavier? All of our secrets are exposed if Adrianna stays here! But we want a normal life – so we are willing to put our necks on the line!”

“See, this is exactly what we didn’t want to happen,” Scarlett muttered.

“Bo and Xavier have let out our secret in less than 5 minutes,” Damien whispered, sitting back down in his chair.

I could feel my heart beating faster – not just because I hated arguments, but mainly because I was trying to piece together all that had been said. Bo had said something about needing a human. Did he mean me? And Xavier had said ‘what is this?’ when I had entered. Then Scarlett corrected him with ‘who is this’.

“Okay...” I stated, angrily. I gulped, trying to swallow my fear, “I want you to explain what is going on,”

All four of them looked at each other, trying to decide if they were going to tell me or not.

“I mean, you’re acting like I’m human and you’re not!” I laughed, humourlessly.

“We’re not,” Damien whispered.

“I’m sorry? Did you just say you’re not?!” I yelled.

Xavier sighed, “Nice going, Damien!”

“WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE?!” I shouted, nearly in tears.

Bo grabbed me by the shoulders, lowering his head so he could look into my eyes, “Okay, you need to calm down. We will tell you – but you’ve got to promise three things,”

I raised an eyebrow, “What?”

“One – you do not tell anyone our secret. Two – you buy the flat,”

I laughed, “Well, I was planning on doing that anyway. What’s the third thing?”

“I’ll explain that after you find out our secret,”

I held out my hand, “Okay, you got yourself a deal,”

Bo was about to shake my hand when Xavier stepped between us, “Hold up! Not telling anyone also includes not putting us in one of your articles!”

I nodded, disappointed inside. If their secret was massive, I could have published the story of a life time. Oh well...

“I won’t,” I whispered, looking up at Xavier.

“I’m still not happy about this...” Xavier warned Bo.

Bo rolled his eyes, “All right...”

“If she tells anyone, you know what I can do...”

“Okay, Xavier, I get the point!” Bo sighed, shaking my hand.

Damien stepped forward, “How do know?”

Bo smirked, “We show her,”

“Are you sure this is wise? What if you lose control?” Scarlett grabbed Bo’s wrist, raising her hand as if she was trying to protect me.

“Scar, I am positive I will be fine...well, it’s 50/50,” Bo lowered his head, looking at me from under his floppy hair, “Adrianna Catelli...when I show you this, you may have an overwhelming urge to scream. Please try and do it quietly,”

Bo stepped back, as if trying to raise the tension. He winked at me before disappearing in a single movement. I glanced around but he wasn’t there.

“W-what?!” I stuttered, gasping when Bo appeared next to me with a small wooden box in his hand.

“I believe this is yours,” He muttered, smiling, “You left it at your old flat. I just came there and back. Nice place,”

“H-how...?” I took the box from Bo’s outstretched hand, not sure what to believe. He couldn’t have just ran there. How could he...that was impossible...

“Adrianna, I’m a vampire,” Bo told me, calmly, before opening his mouth, revealing the horrible secret which he had kept from me. He had teeth, of course, but instead of human teeth, he had fangs.

Vampire fangs.

I could feel my heart beating faster as I let out a scream. Suddenly, the world went black and I felt my head bang against the floor.

I was out cold.

The End

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