Nora's side- pins and explainationsMature

Katie had pins in her pocket. Nora could tell by the way that she wouldn't look at her, and the way she kept avoiding her questions by using every diversion under the sun. She worried about her these days, eating less and less and cutting more. Nora supposed that it was better than what had happened in the fall though, when Katie had attempted suicide for the third time, but at the same time she worried that it would end up that way again. Katie wasn't the most mentally stable person, with the ocd, depression, anxiety disorder, food issues, and fear she always seemed on the verge of tears, like something in her was dying. Maybe it was, after all she's stopped eating first because of an unknown pain and then because she hated to hear people comment that she was eating again. Right now though it was the pin that mattered, if she could just get to it then she could get it back...

'pin' said Nora

'fine' said katie tonelessly, handing her a pin with a bloody tip

Nora pocketed the pin and made  pouty face, holding her arms out for Katie to fold into like she always did, and this time was no exception.

The End

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