Nor does my heartMature


She felt the cold cylinder pressed against her forehead. “Say one word and it I will be your last," the voice said. She sat up more in her bed trying to have her eyes adjust more to the figure standing in the room. She saw a man fully clothed from head to toe. "I have a few things that I want," he said as he held his crotch area. She understood what he meant as she watched him. "You can have anything you want but that from me."

"Lady I will kill you if you don't give me what I want," his voice grew angrier as he spoke.

She gave a half crazed chuckle, "I am not afraid of death nor am I afraid to die." She grabbed the end of the gun and placed it over her heart. "So if you going to shoot me then shoot me, because I'm not giving you what you want. What you want does not belong to you and nor does my heart so shoot me if you must."

He slapped her across the face, "Crazy bitch." He turned and ran out of her house, leaving her with just a bruised cheek.

The End

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