Noot Noot

In these weeks chapters of the book, "Life as we Knew it", it's depressing, but yet leaves the reader happy. Mrs. Nesbitt dies, and the whole family felt it coming, but Mrs. Nesbitt was like family to them. Luckily, they took it better than I thought they would, getting extra utilities and motivation in the process. There are some loose ends, like Peter dying and Matt getting lost for awhile and Miranda's family getting sick, but everything was better in the end.

(Theme Question) Another theme to the book, "Life as we Knew it", could be courage. Miranda takes a stand by helping her family when they were sick, trusting her survival instincts and succeeding in the process. 

(Chosen Question) In the book, "Life as we Knew it", the moon and the catastrophes along with it have a big role on the characters, mentally and externally. Mentally, because the characters could go in panic due to the many natural disasters and stress levels could increase. Externally, they could die to the natural disasters and starvation due to food loss.

The End

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