Chapter 4: Fear.Mature

As soon as i walked out side the house I could feel the pressure and the heartwrenching feeling of fear it took me a few seconds to learn how to breath again.

"Ya out of all of us fear is the strongest and anger didn't manage to kill him only making him worse."

"Is everyone here a he?"

"No Love is a girl."

" Figures." I blow up at my long blond hair.

"Why do you think so?"

"Just seems right." I say.

"Your words have power here Three. If you can truly believe in change inside your mind you can do anything here." Confidence says out of the blue," That is why love is still alive and that she is a she."

"What do you mean alive."

" We can die if you don't believe us anymore. So somewhere you do have confidence which is me , and I will be your best asset as long as you believe in me."

"Then why is anger?" Confidence knew the answer to my question.

" Anger is the only personality here that has developed the power of belief, and sometimes he shows up in your world."

" Out of curiosity are you guys formed from memories?"

" all of them yes. Then why is anger."

" On the fifth year of your life three do you remember you brewed up hatred to the real world? Do you remember swearing you will not rest until you every last one of them was killed."  I think long and hard but no memory what so over.

"I don't."

" That is why they erased the memories subconsciously in your head giving birth to a personality with its own fuel to be stronger to the point is magnified itself to the power of belief.

" I see, also whats up with despair then."

" Despair won't die because your in the constant state of despair. So they teamed up despair just feeding off of everything."

"I see." I say going quiet still barely grasping this  world inside my head.

We walk over a know that overlooked the ruined world, and I saw him, I saw anger, and fear seemed to intensify as I looked at him.  He was big , but at the same time seeing his pure strength ripping everything before him.

" He is putting on a show for you." Confidence muttered, don't get scared or else fear will enter your mind you can beat him if you chose to believe you can.

The End

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