chapter 3: ThreeMature

I stopped struggling trying to find that voice again in the room but the other voices flooded the crying for help.


" I will protect everything close to me!"

"you can do this, trust me."



" you are just an experiment, Three. When your not needed you will be killed."

" Everything is fake! Just give up and kill yourself!"

All the voices repeating and all meaning something but to me unimportant.

" Time for sleep Three." the scientist says putting a mask over my face. I hold my voice not wanting to wash the voices away afraid everything will be lost. But soon the need for air overcame my will and I breathed in the sleeping gas.

My dreams lead me too a room with a ceiling filled with my face except each face was slightly different with emotion , expression , or what i'm wearing. I look to my right there is a wall with more of my face, to my left a very well cleaned room , with a night table, a desk , drawers and mirror. I get up and head to the wooden door this dream all to vivid. I open in it feeling the metal on the knob, maybe I wasn't dreaming maybe it was another simulation. I quietly open it expecting some monster on the other side but instead I see myself well myself with a confident smile and quite cool looking with my hair flowing well just above my eyebrows , and the clothing that only a hero would wear, except it was all torn and his body beaten up.

"Hiya there three. I'm confidence."

"Confidence?" I ask.

" Well more precise yours. But as you can see I'm not doing well here in your head. You don't think much of yourself huh?"

"Uhm how can I think much of myself when every turn is this nightmare world constantly treating me like shit, and like I'm nothing."

"No wonder why Despair and anger rule this place." Confidence  says.

" Well that's going to change now that you're are here, your the best , and your gonna show anger that your the boss."

"What?" I say confused. Confidence sighs.

"Do you not understand your in your mind where your personality is, and currently its falling apart."


"How Am I supposed to know? I just try to make you feel like your number one but you never listen to my voice anymore."

" I still don't get it."I say, and I can see a little twitch of anger in confidence's face but he supresses and opens the blinds to a world of ruin and destruction.

"This is your inner world, and its not doing to well. Why? Multiple reasons the world outside of this world isn't kind, and two you once had one personality but it broke up into its seperate parts creating this world that should be inhabited by one but now many. Your the only one who can change it, because your the best , strongest , and of course the man who can fix anything."

"Uh thanks." not quite really taking in the compliments.

" So other than you who is out there?" I ask.

" Anger, despair are the two who make it hard around here to breath, then there is Love who is super weak and may very will be reduced to ashes..." He pause thinking," Bravery who tags along with anger from time to time but he always shifts his position sometime he is with us weaker personalities. Umm, guilt, he is really strong but has no power so he is really a pushover, Greed was killed, jealousy turned into despair. there is a personality that goes by David he is half crazy most of us think he used to be all of us until we split apart from him. "

" I see. I think we should get all the weaker personalities together."

"Alright, it won't be that hard going unnoticed by anger , and despair. We should get to bravery first though we don't want him to join anger who is already so strong."

" Alright lead the way."

" Oh I forgot to mention fear he may have been killed but yet he is everywhere don't let him enter you mind."  Confidence says heading out of the room.

The End

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