chapter 2: The real world, the real nightmareMature

I wake up slowly my head feeling like shit the world spinning my body not wanting to move drool across my chin, A bright light shining directly into my eyes.

"Three?" The girls voice says annoyingly.

"Three, are you alright?" She asks with concern, its probably not real.

 I turn around trying to avoid the annoying woman as the world was still to blurry, I didn't want to be in this horrible world, I mean this nightmare. Why me, why me? Can't these people see my pain?

"Three, its time to get up I'm sorry." The girls say throwing me up into the air with incredible strength. I hit a cold tiled floor the nightmare finally coming into focus. I get up with a fury my right hand balled up in a fist.  She smiled.

" Well you never change three, only in the world of humans do you show your true side. The synthetic being that wants to be human." She said with a bit of a tone trying to spark the storm of anger in me but I didn't care, what synthetic being meant.

"Di hurry up and get three to the lab. Its time."someone says from a micropphone on her ear. She grabs my hand and holds it tightly.

"Don't go astray three, things are quickly going to get better." She smiled , before opening a glass door into a hall of white and men wearing quarantine suits.  In bare feet the cold white tile made every stem unbearable, and the whitness of the world nothing seemed to have colour. No creativity , no care. How could these people be human? They must be robots. I thought trying to find some nook or cranny of freedom in this nightmare.  In only a short few minutes I find myself inside a lab tied to a chair and scientist with a gleam of curiosity or was it the excitement of making my life a little bit more numb, with his drugs or his scalpels, and his so called knowledge. In his right hand he holds a large needle connected to a wire.

" Don't worry Di. The final step will fix all the mistakes in him."

Mistakes?I ask myself. The needle hits my vien in my neck. 

"Hold tight this is going to be the hardest yet." A voice says gently in my head.

" Who said that." I say paranoid.

"What?" the doctor and the girl named Di said.

I begin to struggle this place was maddening , I had to get out, but no matter how hard I tried the straps would not release me as more voices crept into my head , some negative, some encouraging some carefree but one hit me the most. 

"I just want to be loved."  It was a cry for help something I could associate my self with.

The End

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