you know that saying you die in your dream you would die in real life, well then I would be dead.

"Uh!" I say as a fist digs into my abdomen.

"Worthless Piece of shit!" Smack, I hit soft but scummy ground, mud caking my face. WHACK! A boot hits my chest and all the air leaves my chest. I try to struggle but soon I'm restrained. A blood caked gloved with spiked knuckles grabs the neck of my ripped and torn shirt and easily lifts me off the ground, and presses me up against a brick wall blood dripping from my lips.

"You're so weak and pathetic, I don't understand how someone can bare to to look at you." A muscular ripped guys says with spiked blond hair and the same ice blue eyes as mine. He drags me against the wall and throws me to the ground. I call him anger, and the guy to the left is despair his blond hair greasy, his face wet with tears wearing dark clothes, cuts all over his wrist.

" Stop it, let him wallow in his pit of self loathing allow him to lose himself to the darkness." He says.

"NO! I'm going to teach the shit a lesson." Anger hits knees me in the face.

"Get up! You fucking shit, you loser.  Your not going to get anywhere with your push over attitude. I'm going to kill you. Your time is up skid!"  A fist comes flying at my head and blood spatters.  The world swiftly darkens as another part of my personality dies.

          I wake up my chest stinging, my body clenching up, anger taking over.


Three days earlier

"No!" I yell as the men held weapons to my families heads," stop I will do anything you want!Anything!" I cry." 

"Anything? Huh? Come on subject 3 is all that you've got there not even real!" The lights turn on as I strain to remember whats going. Then it all came and hit me hard all of the last 4 years was fake. I was just being simulated and I failed again. I begin to bawl. 

"It still seem that all test subjects may have many advancements but still seem susceptible to all brain washing." I hear a scientist say.

"But in the last 15 years we have come far in making synthetic beings, Soon the will be capable of doing above and beyond human capabilities." An excited voice says I was wake up to background nightmare that haunts me.

"Come one subject three." A gentle female voice says trying to wrench me away from 2 foot square area, the only possible area I felt safe in as long as I was in the foetal position. I say nothing in return.

"Please just come with me you will be safe, three?"

" No!"

"Just more test ,more more tests. Always the tests!" I scream into my knees.

"Three, its going to be alright." She says with the most patronizing voice pissing me off.

" Don't treat me like a five year old." I snarl my face almost changing a look of fear glazes across her eyes.

"Three we're only trying to help." She says.

"No the fuck you're not!" I accuse , my eyes burning with anger.

"Take him down he has become a potential threat!" A military guard says raising his tranquilizer, I soon find myself on the ground, dead tired.

The End

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