Nonsense,I say.Nonsense dear old chap.All nonsense !!!

Well,really it is nothing short of mishaps in one person`s life.

That is all that really is.
I think. :(

In the begining there was nothing extraordinary about the place.But with time and effort it become something or the other,I shall let you decide which best applies !

And so our story begins...


Cue in for effect on the ruins of dying civilization.

Nah,that just sucks!

No inspiration to creat a non-existing  world where a fit twenty year old with (pardon here),no brain activity above her breast size and a coeherent thought (unless you count taking the right money out to buy the latest Heat !!!),and not mention the fact she was still hangover from last night out with drinking male friend she had a secret crush on !

No! Lets not mention that ever again !

Having a degree in English Literature in a country that seemly didn`t speak their own language was kind of a set back where job hunting goes,hence her current position or how she saw it,her life in hell,so she was here stuck  re-writting screen scripts for a T.V company that was more preoccupied with ratings than the quality  of their broadcasting programs.

She looked into the computer screen one more time and the words seem to mush together even more!

No sense in the scene,no logic!!

Argh! She said out loud,at the same time her finger was already on the delet button erasing all the effort put in through out these last days.

All rubish!

I could write something better myself from the very begining,she reasoned in her mind and stopped mid- setence in the thought itself!

What ?

Why not ? Who will know the difference ?

Not the idiots who film this s.... .

What if ?

No,I couldn`t,maybe just change this bit here and erase that word there and then ...And before she knew it she had started to write.

The food on the side of the glowing screen was forgotten and the hours melted into another day but she took no  notice  of this,she was on fire !

Inspiration that never occured while she was correcting gramma and punctuation sudenly showed up and her fingers  couldn`t run the keyboard fast enough,she was on fire !

She had something to say,and by vowel or consonant she was going to write it .

And so it begun this person`s  journey of self discovery that will lead to many mishaps in her personal and professional life but that is another story for another chapter.


The End

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