Mission #2 - Billboards

Sometimes when I wake up I wonder what everything might be like if they world was as I try to make it.  But that thought never gets too far before my thirty five and a half coocoo clocks go off scrambling any thoughts that may have been or will be. A symphony of blue jays and robins all playing a tune of insanity.  Was there ever such a beautiful sound?  After the morning playdoh sandwich and cup of paint I head out to work.

    The secretary Betsy handed me my next assignment. "Love the beard" I said to her, but all she did was blush and giggle. O well, nothing left but to open the purple and brown folder and dive into my next assignment.  Billboards is all it said but, then again it's all I really need. So I set out but not before securing my all 101 of my scratch and sniff buttons to my shirt.

    The first thing I see is an orthodontist advertisement on a long short billboard with a cartoon toothbrush and tube of toothpaste dancing that said brush twice a day.  First things first I think it say brush 12 times a day and be upside down with inverted colors.   Just a few drops of paint and a small workforce of teen agers and just like that it was done but a bit lopsided and poorly done.  It should add to the effect though so it ought to work.  The assignment said I still need to do 1 more billboards it had a high voice but thats o.k. at least it didn't sound like the pureed bacon machine. Well, back to my tricycle and on to the next billboard.  It was wasn't what you'd think when you say the word billboard but thats o.k. because I think about chew toys when you say billboard.

    The smell faint smell of cherries and bubblegum arose as I attempted to scratch my chest.  The next billboard I noticed was for a naughty video store. No way I'm touching that.  After that nonsense it was on to the next one. Ah real estate I love it how the most subtle chance can make the biggest difference.  Just a tweak and now it says Amy Bernet "Houses so cheap you'll poop" poop is so much more of a fun word than drop.

    Although it's just grunt work around here I'll take it in stride.  I While walking home I played my buttons like a washboard and waited for my legs to take me in the right direction.

The End

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