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Sarah got into the GPS quiet time cave. She had a feed open to watch if they company they punk'd had gotten okay with saying a fair amount of their drones had been stolen. So far it was more just them calling to be allowed to do more things in their apprehending of various criminal scum. With the criminal problem having gotten worse. It seems they are blaming immigrants for the whole criminal problem.

Sarah had grabbed a drone from what she was going to call the Pramantha Clan. This one shall be called... Steven. She started looking at how to dissemble Steven of Pramantha. Looking through the casing for service points.

Seems they took to the same policy of constructing drones as they took to various Dumb Phones and Laptops. Maintainence is to not be a thing, if they break just purchase another one. This did not bode well for Sarah taking these darn things in, and working them for herself as a thing.

She managed to get Steven of Pramantha's casing off. It was cracked... and probably would never be recovered that properly. Looking at the parts inside, she quickly traced the insides. Seeing as how Steven was running on the standard desktop operating system for most people... the hardware could not be that different. She looked into the various circuit boards to try to get models she could look up without much for issues online.

Quickly figuring out this was a standard portable RISC chipset--the CHEST chipset. CHEST wasn't an acronym--but Sarah had never seen it not capitalised. She then looked up the motherboard and other parts of the chipset to quickly check if there was any special variations in them--you know as CHEST has been known to do special chips for certain companies.

The chipset did not appear to be that overly variant of a chipset... this was good. Sarah viewed as she looked into her jar. She pulled over a quick display that fit over her eye. Telling the jar to switch where it displayed it stuff as a primary output. There was a slight set of colour weirdness as it changed resolution, available colour set and what not. The sort of thing that didn't show up in the standard desktop operating system.

She double checked to make certain Dwafunx ran on the hardware. IT appeared it was an old driver borrowed from various old Linux systems that would be used the most on this chipset. Which is kind of weird--that dead operating system? Well no--you'll get somebody complain. Same assholes probably also still use SCO, BSD, Solaris, IST and Singularity. Which is great they do that stuff.

Dwafunx seemed to have some issues importing and running Linux stuff. Weird thing was... this Linux driver seemed... like it was being recently maintained. Sarah figured she'd keep that in mind for further pulling apart this model later. Possibly speeding up her using them.

She continued to go through Steven Pramantha's internal hardware to look at Steven's flight system. It appeared to be a somewhat unstandard cooling system set of hardware. Right up to the rotors being hooked up to the parts of the motherboard for dealing with system cooling.

This... is going to be very useful information to have about these drone systems. Especially when you know all kinds of ways to produce fire.

Sarah thought about possibly working on a set of computer code to have the flight system run seperate from the system cooling fans. You know... because that was just ridiculously lazy on the people making these part.

For navigation it had a passive GPS and cameras... and a nice gyroscope. Which would explain why it kept complaining about going upside down if she moved the drone too quickly earlier.

Then she looked at the system for firing the weapons. These were Serial Blasters... hooked up to a common port on various systems... and all of the handling of these was run by a chip on the blaster--with the system just telling it what to do and supplying power.

This meant it would be ridiculously easy to re-arm these drones. She looked at Steven to see what all Steven had for remaining ComSPs. Making a note on her computer system that they needed to purchase more of those ComSPs.

Next... Sarah noticed there was no portable media outlet to install Dwafunx. She'd have to do a ComSP install. She looked at how it handled media output for a system that was usually to run headless. She noticed there were a few spots she could throw in a couple custom boards onto these systems. They were all empty. Apparently adding cards into these systems was not a normal thing to do--but they still delivered them with said slots anyways. Seriously, people?

She pulled out a few video cards out of her backpack--noticing these slots were MicroPCAGSA ports. She had to have a few in her bag... wait, just the one. It was a shitty monitor card. Fuck... well... gotta make do, right?

She plugged it into Steven's slot... and grabbed a media of Dwafunx for a ComSP install. Plugged it all into Steven... and told Steven to wake up.

Dwafunx began the install process. She selected a few options... and decided it was time for her to wait.

Jerry was outside the computer room--running through a few martial art patterns. Keeping his stuff focused. He must improve... the weak need the strong to protect them. That needed to change for how things worked these days.

Sarah walked out the door to watch Jerry for a bit. Jerry wasn't wearing much for clothing in this state--and was continually embarrassed about his own nudity around girls. Sarah was a girl--and generally naked while doing her computer stuff. She had a blanket on her. To keep from having Jerry commit a total spazz festival about this whole thing.

Jerry was pulling his various patterns. Way too focused to notice that Sarah had came out of the room for a bit of different air. Fresh air was not what it was--but it was just a different space while Steven Pramantha did the first test install of the new software Sarah would be loading onto them.

Sarah noted that with how much Jerry shut outside out while doing this probably was counter productive to actually making proper use of the whole thing. She didn't say anything. She didn't want to interrupt. Instead it was their communication line that did this.

Jerry snapping into reality made a weird set of noises realising his nudity was in full view of Sarah's. Sarah hit the side of her glasses display.

It was their benefactor. Apparently they had failed the job and didn't stay there long enough to get the stuff the benefactor wanted. Sarah mentioned that apparently somebody set the alarm off for a false alarm--that happened when they were there coincidentally. That if they could come there at another time, it might be better to run the job required.

Their mysterious as all fuck benefactor seemed to weight the options. Asking if they can come in soon--for reasons of speed the benefactor apparently required on the matter.

Sarah lied saying the security had injured them a little bit. That she'd need a few days to rest up. This was mostly because she knew the increased security would lax in a couple weeks--and was more aiming for that. Also--she was wanting to see what all she could do to play with this person who essentially tried to lay a trap on them.

Sarah then asked for a bit of payment--as it seems this place has been getting hit a lot already--and that was why they had the issues. A bit of a forward on the whole price to take them down. A complete proper job would get them the rest--but just to attempt that complex should cost money. As apparently their intrusion detection software was pretty much in demand that our group of delinquents wasn't the only ones after it.

Which made the job tougher and harder--just on that basis. It also meant the demand was much higher for something that was lowering its supply in each attempt to take it on.

The "mysterious" benefactor kind of petered around a little bit on the whole thing... until Sarah mentioned she was typing up a phile about the network and security to pass around online. You know--and how tight the whole thing was. She even wrote it as "phile"--like a total asshole, because that shit tended to scare the clean people of the world. She mentioned that the stuff they were using to get healthy again was also their addictions they had. More lies to mess with her--and play up her ego. That they'd probably have to have some of those substances with them for the next raid. Make her think they'd be all high and shit.

The "mysterious" benefactor agreed and sent some money in one of those supposedly untracable currencies online. You can trace them--but nobody ever bothers. Which for most people means tracing it is completely unpossible and stuff. As well, thought in the whole matter never really travels that far in any direction.

Sarah looked at their increased bank roll for use on these things. Sarah mentioned that she'd delay publishing the phile until she had a bit more knowledge on the underlaying structure of the whole system they were breaking into.

Sarah looks over at Jerry, "looks like we have a regular client now."

Jerry was still mumbling, muttering and making noises like some kind of cartoon puppet or something.

Sarah continues, "the person who did a trap... contacted us again about us failing. I arranged for us to attempt the job again."

Jerry just looks at Sarah and shouts, "what the fuck gave you that idea?"

Sarah shrugs and replies, "I asked her to pay a little bit in advanced. Going into this, knowing it is a trap has the whole situation different."

Jerry made one of those faces that meant his brain was trying to process something--and likely would. He was just missing a detail on the matter.

Sarah smiles a really evil smile, "She doesn't know we know who she is, or what her game stands to be."

Jerry then makes that face for when Sarah just did something really evil and scheming in nature of things. Like Sarah was literally Satan.

Sarah looked at the clock on her glasses display, and decided to check in on Steven. She looked at the install sequence... and noticed it was full of a bunch of weird errors. She cracks her knuckles... and decides to go at it. As well... anything with computers is 2% inspiration, 8% persperation and 90% fucking debugging the shit out of the fucking damned thing. WHY WON'T YOU FUCKING WORK RIGHT YOU LITTLE PIECE OF FUCKING SHIT!

Seriously Steven of Pramantha--you are just dropping the ball everywhere. What would Adam of Pramantha think if he saw this terrible kind of ball handling. Maybe it WON'T be Adam and Steve in the Pramantha Family heading. Ever consider THAT Steven?

Sarah mostly chiding Steven as she went over the various install errors. Most of them were because she did parameters that were not quite in the right range. She figured she at least made the proper spherical cow of parameters and decided to try to rework the whole things.

A couple hours of install attempts, the system was claiming to be installed. Now would be the first boot up of Steven von Pramantha... and... Steven did not boot up. Power started going into the system--but the hardware power on instructions (HWPOI) were not seeming to do anything.

Sarah switched over to a live media to boot up Steve with. To see if maybe the HWPOI just wasn't loaded on correctly. Seems Dwafunx was trying to boot from a spot that Steven couldn't run HWPOI from. It was... too low on the drive media to do anything with? That... was kind of weird.

Sarah would need to double check to see if that was where the standard diagnostic tool kits would be kept when she got over to Sally. She told Dwafunx to try to boot from the memory location required.

Sarah was curious as to what was different about the ComSP boot ups for these Pramantha drones she grabbed.

It seemed that Steven was now booting up. Now to attempt the flight systems.

... another fail.

Great... it seems Dwafunx is not able to be entirely retarded about how system fans are handled. Steven would be up able to get it up at all. Sarah pulled out a quick computer controlled RC out of her bag... and plugged it into Steven. Jumped onto Steven's command line... and started giving instructions for the RC to move around.

One less USB port to work with right now--but at least this would be a bit of a work around for getting steven to work.

This also meant when she moved onto working with Adam Pramantha--after taking apart Sally Pramantha and confirming stuff about the systems that Adam would need a remote controlled RC Helicopter plugged into Adam. Sarah would work on the CPU cooling fans for messing around with Eve Pramantha.

Sarah, upon being satisfied enough with Steven today--the partner drone to Adam in the Pramantha family--decided to count how many drones she had here. It appeared to be a decent thirty units here. However some looked fried and a bit broken. She'd also have to go through the hardware to make certain all the hardware is good.

This would have to wait until Sarah had gotten some sleep. She went out her computer room in just a labcoat--and waved for Jerry to come over--who was now fully dressed. Apparently spooked by Sarah earlier. "Hey... I need some sleep. Let's head somewhere I can crash, okay?"

The End

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