Between the axe and the grinderMature

Sarah looked through the data she gathered. None of it was any kind of proper hacker intrusion combat system. It was all poorly done half finished concepts... concepts that had been tried, tested and kind of proven to be stupid.

Frank was driving their transport through some maze that only he was able to really look at and see. It looked like an endurance test at this point for him. Will they make a break he can escape through or will he run out of fuel and endurance?

Sarah was cursing herself on this matter. She was getting on the net through her own alternative means--she had a Mesh Network she had set up. Using her own cell phone towers... well, cell phones part of the collective. Terror Net is what it is called. It wasn't hard to join up in--and was generally a better way onto the Internet than the local telco.

Sarah tried the local telco for her internet connection... it was terrible. The issues she had with Terror Net seemed to be mildly irritating compared to the local telco.

She was looking for her employer. Tracking down this guy who had paid them for the military contractors ICE. She was going to get all the contact information--and figure out if he was a pawn, or if he was part of this organisation.

This was her current goal.

Jerry was mostly just providing look out for stuff that didn't require a video feed to see. Jerry pulled Sarah's shoulders a bit and she felt a whistle going along her.

 They were getting closer. As our delinquents were getting shot at.

Frank shouts out, "drones! God damned drones--they are sending the drones towards us!"

Sarah just focused on getting their employer's contact information--most of which now had background processes handling automated entrance attempts.

Jerry was shaking her around by quite a bit. Sarah took off her helmet and looked up at the drones. A bullet hits the vehicle seat next to her. It was a rubber bullet.

They were being made into scape goats. Our delinquents had been hired to be roasted.

Sarah was getting angry--she put her helmet on--some of the automated background searches on their contact had gotten a lot more stuff. She typically did not do this, as this was typically found to be rude. It would have them getting less people hiring them. Safety does have a bit of a price of not being as useful to do anything.

Risk is kind of required.

Sarah looks over the local wireless traffic... and these were not drones... well, not automated drones. They were being remote controlled. These drones were also... running... the standard desktop operating system.

It wasn't any kind of specific firmware--it wasn't any kind of server or anything.

It was literally the standard security hole filled desktop operating system running these things--and the controls being done via remote adminstration works... which while it wasn't being relayed over clear text--the encryption was incredibly weak. Nothing too weak to bring up read flags about it being an obvious trap. Just middle of the road shoddy worksmanship.

Sarah starts loading up her bot net generation software. I mean--why bother doing any kind of proper software thing to test and blah blah blah. The bot net generator produced some zombie processes to jump into the drones. Sarah jumps onto dash board for the bot talking to the IRC channel they logged into.

Sarah pulls up all the signals to watch what they were doing... and well, it is time to cut off the other people from getting into these remote controlled fighters. Setting autoboot onto any signal not validating itself as her... and making new accounts and deleting the old ones.

Oh shoot... and patching the operating system on these remote fighters. So they don't try to break into them. Doing a quick hardware scan to see if I cannot put a custom operating system onto these remote fighters. Let's have them look like they are still doing their job to all those around them.

Sarah looked over at her display to see who hired them. Juniper Baker was the person who hired them. She had images of her--and what her employment history was... and yeah... she is pretty much the local Human Resources Director of this... Military Contractor.

Frank stopped. Sarah pulled off her helmet. They were surrounded by several personnel. Guns at Frank's head.

Then Juniper Baker was walking up--a camera remote operator was following her. "No comment... we have put a large effort into our hiring process and revamping it to see if we cannot find any more divergant criminal elements somehow sneaking into our company."

Sarah quickly glances into her computer pot. Some fuzzy stuff about a remote fighter that has a good shot at Juniper. This was just a good coincident that this remote fighter happened to be able to pull this. Sarah subtly hits a few things... and a rubber bullet strikes down around Juniper. Juniper and a couple of the military security dude people were taken down. Very unaware--and unexpected to all those around them.

Frank punches it while they were periodically distracted.

Sarah would have to explain this in a bit, but pulls the helmet down, and proceeds to have the remote drones work as aid to their local crew. Having stolen this large amount of drones would have had them work out better than if she had gotten paid.

Frank pulls off the local compound. And then punches it down the street. Sarah makes a connection to her employer for this job... not letting them know she knew what the whole thing was about, saying the job was complete. Let's not tip our hand about what we knew on this matter. Also--the fact the drones were taken would get her being hired a bit more.

However, the heat on them would be quite a bit on them as well.

Sarah had the drones fly down under a bridge that she knew gave bad GPS information. Her visual feed was mostly how she navigated them there. By landmarks and not by any kind of tracking system. Eventually taking them into a maintainence tunnel, until the signal died.

Frank tore off down the road to their safe house for when jobs go bad.

Which seemed to be happening more and more often.

Jerry was just standing on top of the vehicle--surfing if you will. He states over the CB radio we couldn't use on the job, "it almost seems like we are being preemed to be the next big villains of society."

Sarah replies back, "It is either be the big bad guy... or die... it seems to be the only way to success."

Jerry growls over the head set, "that irritates me to levels you cannot even begin to fathom. Hurting people so as to create a monster to allow you to terrify people into being hurt?"

Sarah answers, "well... having gotten these drones--I think I have a few ideas for a couple raids to make on these organisations."

Frank shouts into his CB radio not quite cluing in Sarah is next to him, "wait... that wasn't a misfire? Or my clever evasion? You were in control of those?!?"

Sarah replies on the CB radio to let Jerry in on the conversation, "They had news crews on us... had to add some good stuff to it, so they'd not clue in on it right away. Hell--they probably haven't even quite clued in what happened with the drones."

Jerry states over the CB radio, "That... was really gutsy Sarah. Seriously... the size of your balls is enough to have their own gravitational pull."

Sarah giggles, "Yeah... the news feeds are stating the remote drones position systems were off. I'm going to play up on those bugs a bit more."

Jerry states over the CB radio, "Well... perhaps us being the big villains might do the world some good?"

Frank pulls up into the safe house suddenly. Keeping the engine running a bit--not turning it off. Frank goes over the CB Radio, "yeah... no... not bothering with the safe house for now. We are going to the local pub."

Sarah shouts into the CB radio in confusion, "wait... what?"

Jerry's line went open--but nothing was said.

Frank laughs, "may as well be grand about it all. Let's not hide. Let's keep going."

Sarah pulls in the radio again, "In that case, drop me by the GPS disappearance tunnel. I'm going to do some box mods."

Jerry adds further, "drop me off with Sarah. Go... celebrate with a drink. Sarah will celebrate her own way... and I will meditate on what all this means."

Frank revs up the engine--then pulls out of the safe house quickly as possible.

Our group of delinquents appeared to have gotten a bit of a direction in life that perhaps nobody expected them to take. However, all should have known was a likely path for a group of delinquents to go.

You're welcome--I know how to pick a group of delinquents, do I not?

The End

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