Have you ever had...

Basically, this is just here for writing random stoies, random thoughts and such like and so on.

Have you ever had it when you feel that if you don't write down everything you're thinking, or tell someone what you're thinking, you'll go mad?

I get it all the time.

Where there's so much going on in your mind, and you just have to get it out, before you go insane?

I've come to realize that if I write, I feel better about lots of things. I feel that  whether it's through decribing a scene, creating a character from an aspect of your personality, or simply writing your pure, raw feelings down on a piece of paper, or tapping the words out with the keys of a computer, I can hide behind the words.

I can use them like a mask. I can create myself a beautiful place to escape to. I can imagine myself as someone else, some courageous hero in a fairytale, or I could even create someone to comfort me while I cry, or to listen while I rage and rant about every that's wrong, or just having that ghost of a person, to sit with.

Heh. I guess having characters is like having imaginary friends. I don't care though. Some of the imaginary friends are better than the real ones. Sometimes they're not.

Sometime the characters you create don't turn out to be who you thought they were. Much like people.

How odd does that sound? I'm sure you'll think me crazy. I'm sure you're thinking, 'Daft cow, if you don't like yur characters, change them!'. Well, you're wrong. I can't.

It's like telling you to change everything about yourself. That's what it's like, trying to tell me to change my characters. I just can't do it.

...This has gone off on such a tangent, hasn't it? Oh well. These are my ramblings, and if you wish to read them, you will have to put up with a little rambling.

The End

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