Best FriendMature

She attempts to crawl away
Her mother lies burning just mere feet away

Black winged abominations dance around her burning body
Angels are nowhere to be seen

What has become of this poor girls world?
What did she do to deserve this?

Buildings crumble and oceans retreat
Trees burn while nature suffocates

 A single man approaches
 Her best friend!
He has come to save her!
To redeem her!

A smile of evil crosses his face
Fear strikes into her heart

Her soul is dead
But she can still feel his unatural aroma

 She speaks his name
He replies not
Instead he smiles
She doesn't understand

Leaning down over her bloodied body her strokes her face
And speaks soothing words into her ears
But she knows he is not the friend he once was

Struggling to retrieve her sword she weakly attempts to make him leave
He laughs manically and pushes her down

She screams weakly as the rotted flesh of demons touch her smooth wrists
They hold her down and tight

She realizes what is happening
But as she struggles more the demons hold her tighter

Her once best friend smile evilly and puts his index finger to her lips
Angels can be hear crying in the distance



The End

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