Non-Reality of RealityMature

A dancing girl, Angels, Demons, and Destruction of worlds.All because she danced.

Twirling around in her room she delights in her happiness.
Unknowing of the nearing end.

The skies shift from peaceful blue to destructive black.
Lighting strikes, the lights flicker.

Surrounded by joy she is oblivious to the end.
Will she see?

Demons crawl out from under her bed.
Isn't that a beautiful dove?
What is this evil presence she misses?
So cute and friendly...

Falling houses, landslides aglore
She dances like no tomorrow

But wait, she senses the wrong now
Facing her angels she falls to her knees

Demons snap at her ankles
Rainbows streak through the dark sky

Tears roll down her cheeks
Angels sing in harmony

Demons dance about
Spirits rise from the destroyed homes

She leaps to her feet and draws forth a sword
The Demons respond likewise

What is this?
What is reality?

The End

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