Thoughts, part dream.

My Nian came and visited me last night, like 2 in the morning. She came and sat on a bed, as clear as day, quietly looking at me, smiling. Ok so you may say that there is nothing particularly odd about that, but she dies some ten years ago now. It is the second time this last week that she has called in on me. I haven’t been sleeping that well lately, a lot of things going on, not concerning me directly but enough to occupy my waking thoughts. Even my daughter has been getting up and leaving the bathroom light on in the middle of the night, as the bathroom seems to be the room were e hear the noises coming from. It starts about 3.30 am. the creaking and the footsteps, as if someone is going in to use the loo, And you can hear the floor creak as if they or someone has just taken the seat. We used to have a visitor of sorts early last year, and I felt then that it was a woman, old’ish, but it wasn't my Nain then. A friend of mine told me they liked to come to the house to check up on us and came for the warmth and positive glow coming from my house. All very well until it got so regular that it started to wake us both up, scarring my daughter to no end, but I felt it wasn't anything bad or untoward. This all quietened down after I asked quietly not to make a noise, and definitely no touching or moving of objects. I sent them some love and light wishes. Reading this you may think I well and truly have lost my marbles, and believe me I do question my own mind sometimes and what I see. Or should I say what I think I see. My Nian was a kind lady with a great aura, she helped many people, and I have spoke of her before on Pro. I woke this morning, remembering my semi conscious state wondering what it all meant. I think in my heart she just wanted to let me know that she is here, watching and still by my side.

The End

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