I turned around, and immediately got thrown into the air.  The last thing I saw before I hit the ground was the biggest explosion I have ever seen.  

      I awoke to a completely different picture.  Waking up, my first view was of a beautiful woman with a concerned look on her face.  She immediately leaned down when I opened my eyes, and asked how I was feeling.  I was feeling terrible, but I could not let her know that.  "I feel great," I lied.  "Good," she replied.  "Now let's get going."  I followed her, not sure at all where I was going, but for the first time in what felt like forever, I felt safe.  I followed her down a narrow stone path, not remembering ever seeing this place before.  She led me into what I assumed to be her house.  She says, "Okay, so we are about to leave.  I just need to grab a few things and then we can go."  "Go where," I ask.  "Oh you're funny.  You know where we are going!"  Confused as ever, I sat down.  A few minutes later she returned to the room, and handed me a gun.  "Let's go." 

The End

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