I began to move slowly. Things were not going well.  I looked around to assess my surroundings, but everything was blurred.  Whatever hit me had evidently jarred my brain.  I just closed my eyes and tried to calm myself.  I took slow breaths in and out.  Finally I opened my eyes again.  I still could not make out anything other than fuzzy shapes around me.  I began to realize that whatever had struck me had blinded me.  Hoping it was temporary, I tried to rely on my other senses.  I felt the hard ground where I had fallen and pushed myself upright.  I could taste the blood in my mouth and feel a warm trickle down the back of my neck.  Finally, I smelled my surroundings.  There was an odd odor in the air.  It seemed familiar.  Right when I realized it was gasoline, I felt a blaze of heat.

The End

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