"There is a village to the east," he said as he pointed towards a towering mountain. "They have been waiting night and day for a chance to revolt against the empire that taxes them so greatly. Perhaps we can give them that chance?"

I nodded. What empire he was talking about, I didn't know, but it was the only information I had, and Thomas seemed particularly eager to start hiking towards the mountain as soon as he had finished speaking. With slight apprehension, I followed him deep into the wilderness.

The intense sun was too harsh for words. The heat only magnified my incredible thirst. My stomach roared, demanding food that simply wasn't there. I began to doubt my decision to take over an entire civilization. Keeping myself fed and hydrated is easier than conquering a kingdom, and I couldn't even do that right!

"Here we are," Thomas said as he stopped under a towering oak tree. I stood still, confused; we were farther from life than we'd been at the outset. What was happening? "Goodbye, friend," he sighed. I felt a chill run up my spine.

Suddenly, I felt a terrible, crushing pain in the back of my head, and I fell forward into the ground as all of my senses faded to black.

The End

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