Everybody Loves Raymond

I never imagined being told that civilization has fallen would be in such a nonchalant way, nor that I would take it so calmly.  I responded as if someone just told me that we are having pancakes for breakfast instead of waffles. So naturally I responded, "okay, good to know. My name is Charlie by the way."  The apparently only friendly person left on the Earth replied, "Raymond, Raymond Tayte. Now lets get you out of the middle of the forest before someone sees you. I have some basic supplies that might be able to help with your injuries."  You would think a doctor would be more qualified for this, but at this point I wasn't about to question the only acquaintance I had.  He helped me up and assisted me back to his "house,"  and when I say house, I mean cave. This was getting sketchy it was so dark and I started to question Raymond's motives. I had a had a bad feeling about this and thats when I saw a hooded man way off in the corner...

The End

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