Two Kinds of Blackout

In my panic, I started running. I kept thinking I heard something following me, so I ran until I thought I may keel over and die, and then I ran faster. All of a sudden, I was falling. The forest floor had given way to a steep sided ravine, with more forest at the bottom. I fell in what felt like slow motion, and then hit my head on a branch, and blacked out. I knew no more until what seemed like an eternity later. As I awoke, I found myself in a clearing in the woods. The trees all seemed ancient, great oaks, maples, beeches, and hickory trees, all so big it would take at least four of me to reach around the trunk. It seemed to be autumn, but I couldn’t recall what season it had been when this whole ordeal began. Anyway, the leaves were all brightly colored, and the sun was just beginning to illuminate the uppermost branches. Down on the forest floor, there was still a heavy layer of morning mist. The air had a chill in it, and I found myself wishing I had a jacket. All this, I took in over a span of a few seconds while lying on my back. As I sat up, I noticed a figure a few yards away tending a small fire. He was wearing what looked like boots, made entirely out of leather. He had worn pants on, and a long shirt, cinched to his waist with a leather belt. He had a long sword and a dagger on his belt (what year is this, anyway?), and what looked to be a shirt of chain mail under his shirt. Over everything, he wore a grey cloak and hood. It was quite possibly the strangest getup I’d ever seen. He seemed to have heard my sitting up, turned, and came over to where I had been sleeping. “You’ve been unconscious here for three days, friend.” He said in a deep, sonorous voice. “I was beginning to worry.” “Do I know you?” I asked. “I can’t seem to remember much of anything.” “It’s not uncommon” he replied “for someone to forget much of what they know, when they hit their head like you did. You’re lucky I found you before something else did. Not much is as friendly as I am, since the fall of civilization. A lost has changed, since the world lost power for good.”
The End

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