And The Mischief Begins

As I landed I began to get my bearings, realizing that wherever I was I had known once before. I wasn't sure exactly how, but the street signs and buildings looked oddly familiar. Still with no control over my body I began to walk casually with the crowd; no one had seemed to notice my abrupt entrance via the window. Glancing around I seemed to be surrounded by completely ordinary people, women with shopping bags, couples with their children, young boys walking their dog. My feet seemed to be forcing me to follow a particular young man. He wasn't necessarily important looking but was dressed nicely in slacks and a button-up and carrying a brown leather briefcase. As I followed the man I noticed the strange hooded people from before lurking around the corners. Am I involved in some sort of conspiracy? It seems I would find out soon. As the man walked down an alley my feet followed him and my right hand reached into my jacket pocket and pulled out a gun. The hooded men appeared and blocked in the other end of the alley. With a signal of their hands, my arm aimed at the man and my hand pressed hard on the trigger 

The End

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