After another couple minutes of running, I decided to stop. I resigned to walking with the large crowd of hooded men down this seemingly endless hallway, and turned my efforts to determining why how I got to this horrid place, exactly what contract I signed, and who I really was. I tapped the hooded man next to me on the shoulder and asked "Can you tell me where we are going?" He gave no response. "Hey, I want some answers!" I yelled at the monk with a new-found bravery.

Suddenly, the crowd stopped moving forward. All of the men turned their heads towards me. Even though I couldn't see anything through the impenetrable darkness under their hoods, I could feel their piercing gaze boring into my soul (if I still had one). I heard the same booming voice as I did in the chamber, "Silence! You will know soon enough; You should have read the contract more carefully."

I racked my brain, "Contract, contract, contract. When the hell did I sign any contract." I could barely remember anything; It was like trying to remember a dream after waking up. I could recall being at a crossroads, and a dark figure with a piece of paper and pen. I tried as hard as I could, but I couldn't bring anything else to mind..

The End

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