The Jump

I finally stopped running in a circle and was able to stop for a second.  I found myself staring down a dark hallway.  I couldn't move or even turn my head to look away from the window at the end of the hallway. Suddenly I began to run.  I sprinted toward the door, faster than I had ever run.  I played sports in high school and never remembered running this fast.  It was even more impressive since I had been out of high school for years and had barely done any strenuous athletic ability since then.  The hall was a blur, but i kept focusing on the window at the end of the hall.  I desperately tried to stop myself before I got to the end, but there was no hope. I closed my eyes as I jumped out the window.  I had never felt as helpless as I did then, falling through the air having just jumped through a window.  I expected to meet the hard ground.  But I fell, unharmed, onto a large air bag surrounded by people.  Someone expected me to jump from the window

The End

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