On the Run

I was unaware of where I was being taken, what this so called contract was and why they were so certain that I had signed it. The hooded men all walked in the same direction, forward towards a long, dark hallway. I figured that would be my chance. If I was going to escape from this place, that dark hallway would be the only chance I had. 

As I entered the hallway I started running. I had no idea where I was running too, only that I was getting closer to the front of the group of hooded men. As I flew past, none of them even turned their heads. That was strange, why wouldn't they take notice of me running past them.. I had been running for what felt like a life time and then I saw it. I had seen that mark on the wall before. I was running in circles, or at least I wasn't getting away from the hooded men. I tried turning around and going in the opposite direction, but that didn't work either. I was stuck, with nothing to do..

The End

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