Not my hand

I have seen the movies and have heard the compelling stories, but never in a million years had I thought it was real. Possession by a demon? Me? But, why? Even more shocking was that I still had my own thoughts, just none of my own actions. They never mentioned that part in the box-office thrillers. I began to walk towards a door, helpless to make any voluntary movements. Naturally, approaching a door, I would hold out my hand to grab the knob, but in a split second before that impulse, my hand raised on its own. 

I walked through a long, dim hallway, which seemed like it should be familiar to me considering I had to get into that bare room somehow. Then I realized I had no memory of what I was doing there. When I contemplated harder, I realized I had no memory of my life at all, but somehow I was aware of exactly who I was and that my body was possessed by a demon.

The End

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