Seer of Sound

"M-me?" Jillian spoke softly, bewildered.

"Well I don't see any other Jillians about this place," Jake whispered, his voice harsh. His hand was outstretched with the phone clasped in thick fingers.

The room was looking at Jillian. Mel gave her a swift nudge, releasing Jillian from her dream-like state. She took the receiver from Jake delicately, cradling at the side of her head.

"Hello?" she ventured, nervously.

Silence followed. Breaths were hoarded in greedy lungs without notice, the air seemed still in the complete silence.

Jillian's eyes widened, her mouth agape and uttering quiet croaks.

A cold fear descended on Travis, a chill shiver shaking up his spine. He could hear no voice coming from the receiver, yet Jillian appeared to be mortified. Why would she fear silence?

It was soon broken, left in tatters by Jillian's shakey voice. "I-I'm sorry, y-y-y-ou've got the wrong nu-number."

With that she fumbled the phone back onto its cradle, hands trembling.

"Jillian! What the hell would you do that for?" Jake's voice rand out loud in the expansive room. "That was a perfect chance for rescue!"

"Only the foolish want to be found," Jillian whispered.

The air sat still again with her words, even the brash Jake unsure of what to say.

Mel released a nervous chuckle, eyes darting from face to face.

"Guys...?" Her voice was rife with concern.

"Who was on the other side?" Travis asked, his shoulders still heavy under his cloak of fear.

"What is usually on the other side," Jillian stated. "Something else."

"Someone else, Jillian. But who?" asked Jake.

"No, she said something, you idiot," Linus retorted. "And she damn well meant it, too."

Travis perked at Linus' words. Was there an icy grip at the nape of his neck, too? Did they all feel it?

"Close the doors."

"What?" Jake's firm voice was finally broken.

"Close the doors," Jillian repeated, panicked. "And the curtains, too."

"Jill, what's going on? Are you alright?" Mel asked. Her voice quivered, a solitary reed in a wind storm.

Jillian turned to face her fellow woman, fear shining in her distant eyes. She seemed not to hear Mel's words, though, as the questions drifted over her, never impacting her consciousness.

"We cannot go outside."

The End

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