Addict to work

This story talks about a man who's work is just too draining.

Addict to work

Tonight I was finishing some report I had to deliver to my boss. For three days in a row I had to make the work of others, since there were new employees who didn’t know how our company worked.

I was at my home office, my desktop was a mess,  coffee cups from a nearby convenience store, lots of paper scattered, my laptop.

‘Three o’clock!! Maybe I should go and sleep’ I thought, but the report was an important one, and I only this until 19 o’clock of the next day to hand it to my chief. I know that they should learn fast and all of that, but if we, the old ones, will do it anyway, Why the hell do they give this sort of work to newcomers, instead of giving it to us from the beginning?

There was no point in complaining, however it helped me to relieve stress. As I was typing on the laptop I noticed that my movements became slower and less accurate, every second it was harder to keep myself awake, my eyes constantly closed and opened, it was a battle between my desire to sleep and my sense of responsibility. I  taped the Caps key when I tried to type an ‘a’. It was clear that at this rate I wouldn’t achieve anything.

So closed my laptop, got up from my seat and headed to my bed. When I got into my bedroom I left myself fall on the bed. Oh, it felt like so comfortable, after being separated for days I finally encountered with both of my lovers, my pillow and my bed.

Little by little my consciousness began to fade into morpheus realm. Then I felt the sheets and the blankets moving around my legs and arms, as if they were snakes. Suddenly they began to constrict my limbs, pulling them trying to rip me apart. I opened my eyes and kneeled on my bed. Sweating I looked around, but everything was normal, both blankets and sheet were in their places. It took me 2 minutes to realize that it probably was my sleep deprivation.

I laid again, I was losing consciousness again when my sheets seemed to roll around me, tight enough to make me feel like a mummy. I struggled as hard as I could, but my efforts were futile, it was until I opened my eyes that I felt relieved, but in my struggle I fell on the floor.

The blankets and sheet seemed to be the problem, so I took them off, and put them floor. Dropping myself for second time in my bed hopping that I could finally sleep a bit. But my hope became despair pretty soon, this time I was being squashed by the mattress which bended around its half. My feet were pressing my face so hard that I could not breath. But as before this illusion came to an end the moment my eyes shut open. What were those hallucinations?, why do they stoped when I opened my eyes?.

Whatever, I was so tired to be thinking about those strange sensations I felt. I decided to go to a couch in the living room, I thought that maybe I could sleep there. I walked out of the room, closed the door, and followed the hallway to the spiral stairs that lead to ground floor. I could hear the dripping sink that needed to be fixed from 2 nights ago.

The living room was at my right, lit only by the the moonlight and the street lamp’s light that passed through the window., following the tradition from my parents house, there wasn’t a tv, nor a radio; only a stereo, for music of course, and many unused bookshelves, there was only one bookshelf with books, which was almost full, there was four couches, but I usually only used one, since visits were rare situations for me, and at the center there was a coffee table. However I did not care about the background nor the foreground, all I wanted was to lay on a sofa to rest.

I laid on the sofa, this time nothing seemed to happen, there weren’t sheets to tie me, nor the sofa was bending. But then I heard the sound of pages turning fast, as if the wind was blowing on an open book. Yet this was better that the thing before, but suddenly a second books started to produce the same sound, then a third, it was not even a minute since second one started but now the sound was really unbearable, I opened my eyes. In a flash everything became dark again, there was a thud sound, and my face began to ache, then there was a second thud, something fell from my face to the floor, it was a book, the latest one I bought, I was a chapter to finish it when I was overloaded with work. The book was tempting me, I could hear a voice whispering to my ear, ‘read me’.

But I really needed a rest, since my office was the last place where I was still sane I decided to return and take a nap on my seat. I walked upstairs, walked to my office, closing the door of my room in the way. From the hallway I could see light coming from my office, the screen of my laptop was gliding, showing the my unfinished report. I sat on my chair, leaned backward to have a little nap…

Nothing happened, morning came as always, the room was lit by the sunlight. I raise I bit my head, I was using my keyboard as pillow, which was full of slime, SLIME. I hurried to the bathroom for a towel or a paper to dry the keyboard. While I was wiping the slime, I took a glance at the laptop clock, it was 10 o’clock already!!, I would be late for work, really late.

‘The report!!!!’ I screamed, when I looked at the rest of the screen, the job was done. From my few 8 pages, there was now 40, with its graphics, tables and everything. I dropped on my seat, all my stress being relieved.

‘Hahah ahah’ I began to laugh like a mad man. It was enough work for a week. I called to the office I told them that I wasn’t feeling good, and that the report was being sent by email. Today... I will sleep.

The End

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