nobody Lives Forever (Chapter Two).Mature

Gretchen was a closet diary keeper. She wrote all her feelings down and she had a feeling tonight would be one hell of an entry. The Porche by the way was amazing. Gretchen wasn’t a car person and she (up untill this point) had never seen the point of having such a powerful fast car. Unless, as Tracy Chapman once sung, it’d get you out of where you were. To be honest the porche was amazing! The rev of the engin and everything was so exciting! Mr. Roash pulled in the car at a cute coffee shop that Gretchen had passed on her walks to university. As the teacher and student walked into the coffee shop they were greeted by the comforting smell of coffee and vanillia and cake and the sound of gentle murmurings of customers. They were surounded by blue walls and mahogany tables, the whole place screamed class and sophistication to Gretchen. A coffee shop might seem like a trivial thing to some people but this.... this made her feel like an adult.
“Grab a table could you darling and I’ll get some drinks ok?” says John.
“Sure, make mine an iced tea!” Gretchen tells him, going to get a table. She took off her camo hoody and sat down, looking around. It was pretty weird she’d never ‘been for coffee’ untill now when she was 18 but she never really had anyone to go with and she didn’t really want to sit on her own. After a little while, John came over to the table with their drinks and sat down.
“Here you go hunny,” he says, putting an iced tea infront of Gretchen. “How’s that?”
“Great. Thanks John.” Mr.Roash smiles.
“I like students calling me by my first name. It makes it easier to be friends don’t you think?” Gretchen nods, taking a sip of her iced tea.
“Yeah.... everyone likes you in the class. If they don’t they’re guys jelous of your car.” John chuckles and takes a drink of his black coffee.
“That sounds about right.” They were silent for a minute untill John goes all serious faced again. “You are an amazing young photographer Gretchen,” he told her. “Just because ignorant people think you’re different doesn’t make it so.” His words took Gretchen by suprise. “You have a scar, so what? You’re beautiful in your own way and you have as much right as anyone else to stand infront of a camera. I’m afraid that you have to understand what it’s like to be infront of a camera if you’re going to make a career out of being behind one.”

Gretchen felt butterflies in her stomach. Not one person had ever expressed this much understanding for her.
“But what if knowone wants to see me?” she asked quietly.
“I would. I’d rather photograph you than some of the preened teens in your class. Most of them are bratz doll carbon copies of eachother. You have something diffent to offer the lense. You have something a lot of people don’t have and that’s the gift of been able to choose if you want to be behind a camera or infront of it.”
“Really? You’re not just saying that because teachers have too?” John roled his eyes.
“You’re beautiful. Take it from me, ok?” Gretchen looked into her tea, blushing slightly. “Why don’t you come to my studio?” She looked up.
“I have a studio I rent out when I’m up in London working. I live in the apartment the studio is attached to when I’m here teaching.”
“Wow. You must have more money than God.” John grinned.
“I don’t know about that....”
“I’d love to see your studio. I’ve never seen a studio other than the one at college.”
“You’ll love it. You want to.... I dunno.... come by tomorrow?”
“Um, sure. What time?” He shrugged.
“What’s good for you?”
“Seven o’clock?”
“Ok yeah. That sounds good.”
“I can’t wait. I’m gonna show you how beautiful you can be.” Gretchen had a beaming smile on her face as he smiled back charmingly.

Dear diary,
I can’t even explain what happened today! So much happen and I can’t write fast enough! I was pretty such today was going to be the day I quit uni right? Wrong! When I told John he told me I was beutiful and that I shouldn’t drop out because of ignorant people. He actually wants me to go ans see his private studio because he thinks I’m gifted! Me! Having said that though I’m not too sure if you’re actually supose to go to teachers homes but I probably shouldn’t have got in his car either. The thing is though, it’s John. He’s the most popular teacher in the whole place though so he’s trustworthy and it’s not like he’s not trying to help. Maybe he wants to give me shooting lessons or something or just show me what I could have if I stick at this. Whatever, it’s been the best day ever and I can’t wait for tomorrow after class when I go to Johns. God only knows what I’m going to wear. I better get to sleep.
                                                                        Goodnight diary.  Xx

The End

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