Gee Gee has a past she'd rather forget but she has no idea she has one adventure of a future ahead of her.
Follow Gretchen Rayner from a teenage girl to a middle aged woman on this journey of self discovery and exceptance.

Wake up. Go to University. Come home. Eat dinner. Go to bed.Wake up. Go to University. Come home. Eat dinner. Go to bed.

Wake up.

Gretchen hit her alarm clock's snooze. There had to be more to life than this. Though they say the education system is a way to lead into a better life. Not that it ever was for Gretchen Rayna. Every morning she'd wake up, get a shower, put on loads of make up and made it though she was someone else. Anyone else besides who she was. When she began university in Manchester she had hoped to be a blank canvas to project something new onto. Someone popular and liked and someone completely different to how other people saw her. Even though Gretchen loved her family and friends back at home in Seacroft she wanted to be someone else. She also wanted to be pretty and be able to have nice things.
If people have hard pasts and things they want to forget they blank it out with whatever they choose. Sex, booze, drugs.... but what if the one thing that reminded you of that one thing was something you saw everyday. Something you couldn't cover up no matter how you tried.

What if it was your face?

What if it was a huge scar running down the left of your forehead, down your left eye only finishing an inch below that eye? All the make up in the world couldn't cover that up.
Every morning Gretchen sat on her bed in her in her 6x12 box of a student room and apply matte foundation like a builder applies cement to a brick wall. She didn't need a mirror. She didn't even need one for eyeshadow or eyeliner and not even one to dry and straiten her auburn hair in front of. The only time she ever looked in a mirror was the long one that she had stood up next to her wardrobe that showed her from her shoes to her shoulders. She never had to look at her face. Even the mirror that was screwed to the wall above the sink in her room was covered by a printed out picture of a woman in her late 20's with long blond hair smiling as she modelled a beautiful white dress. She was a victim from an acid attack. Someone had senselessly and maliciously thrown acid in her face, burning her almost to death. How could someone do that? How could someone permanently mark someone like that? Just chalk another mark up in the 'shit that makes no sense in the world column'. You just have to deal with what you do know about the world and make your way, even if it doesn't make sense.

Wake up. Get washed. Put on foundation, blusher, eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara. Straighten fringe over left of face. Go to uni.

The End

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