A Daughter's DemiseMature

The rain relentlessly dumped down through the grey clouds that had been lingering over the city for weeks now; the sheets of water beating down from above resembled buckets of water being poured down out by some invisible person in the skies. Jaylen was getting cold and realized that she hadn't eaten since the night before last. Never, in the short, sixteen years of her life, had the young woman seen a man so blatantly in a hunting state-of-mind. She snorted to herself with a chuckle of relief at the sight of such a man - her chances of getting the hell out of the park and finding a warm place to get dry just got much better. She figured that she'd be able to get some basic goods out him by offering the sexual favors that he was so obviously looking for.

For several slow-motioned moments, thirty feet or so separated Jaylen from her murderer while she stared expectantly across the playground at the idling vehicle in the small parking lot. The headlights flashed quickly to high beams and then back again, symbolizing the man's anticipation of her approach. Fuzzy thoughts danced around inside the girl's mind about danger and self-preservation but she easily suppressed those and replaced them with a desire to get high again - and guys like this one seemed to always have drugs to share. Another flash of the truck’s high beam headlights brought her attention quickly back to the moment, instantly affecting an ungraceful leap from the picnic table into the muddy grass below. Jaylen mumbled something to herself about the weather, her stomach growling obnoxiously at her as she slung her bags over her shoulder with sound.

"No time like the present..." she said to herself, and started off in the stranger’s direction.

The End

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