The blows seemed to have stopped completely – finally, after what became easily confused bouts of time… hours, days – possibly weeks; Jaylen was unsure. One thing she quickly became sure of upon the realization that she was at last alone in peace and quiet - no longer being hailed with violent punches and kicks, the agonizing twist of limbs in all directions, the surges of pain that accompanied being carried around and dropped repeatedly like a sack of potatoes. Her awareness acutely returned her to the present moment, the here and the now.

She scanned her surroundings quickly the best she could through severely swollen eyes; there was darkness around her, but it was broken in the distance by a thin line of white light running across the floorboards – retelling flashes of nightmarish memories that flooded her mind like a search light filling the night sky.

He’s real …

Her thoughts raced in desperation to retrieve any information about her circumstance that she possibly had; her memory banks were declining the transaction. Her body innately whipped back around towards the wall where she had been tied until just a moment ago.

Tie back up, tie back up!...

As the thought floated hastily along in the air around her, she yelped out in pain, to her own surprise and horror. When she tried to stir quickly and align herself to play possum at a second’s notice, the pain had jolted her entire body from neck to knees, its grip unbelievably powerful and slicing. Her natural reflexive response was to spring her back upright against the cold stone wall of the room; however the complete lack of movement from her right side seemed to think otherwise. The result was that of Jaylen flopping around on the concrete floor like a fish out of water, screaming out in pain from a broken back and collar bones. Sometime later that evening, amidst the madness that followed, Jaylen became very aware of the fact that she was going to be mutilated and eventually murdered by her captor; and all she wanted was to go home.

The End

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