I wrote this about three years ago when I was in a really dark place. Even though I was in a bad place, this is still one of my favourite things to come out of it.

I'm invisable.
I'm translucent on a good day.
People don't want to be around me.
I'm hidious, a real monster.
But then again,
I am Nobody.
I feel dark inside.
I hate myself more everyday.
I think someone is laughing at me behind my back,
I don't sleep much becuase my mind is always racing,
always hating myself.
Sometimes, I wish I would just die.
Nobody would care,
I am Nobody.
I don't eat.
I fear everyday that someone might see me.
Someone cool.
And they'll laugh, pointing at Nobody and say,
"Hey, isn't it hidious?"
I cry all the time.
I cut myself in places people wouldn't think so they won't hate me.
My grades are dropping, but it's not like anyone would care.
Sometimes I go stand on the bridge at night and think about jumping.
Nobody loves me.
Nobody cares.
After all,
I am Nobody.

The End

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