from Nowhere to Somewhere

“Why are we allowing them to continue like this?”

The question rings out in the meeting hall, fixed and filled with ornaments of gold and silver, their luminance emphasized by the castings of lights overhead.

“They are Nobodies! Worthy of nothing, not even a name!”

Other voices mumble their agreement, a babble to match any brook.

One voice dares to rise above the rest: “But how, Sir Chairman, do you propose we carry out such an action?”

His query brings another wave of mumblings from the amassed Somebodies, each with their own opinion on the matter. One Somebody wishes to make use of their engineering expertise, another the mastery of their magic. Still another Somebody declares that military might is their ally, suppression the key to success. Some even venture to imply eradication, with each Nobody worthy of death.

“Good suggestions, good Somebodies,” the Sir Chairman exclaims, bringing quiet upon the room once more. “But I propose an intersectional approach, taking bits and pieces from all of our strengths.”

For a third time murmurs erupt, though they are excited and hurried and hopeful.

The golden glints of the ornaments all about cast their collective colour upon the Sir Chairman’s eyes, a brilliant auric sparkle.

“Smoke and mirrors, good men. Smoke and mirrors.”

The Somebodies are unsure of what to make of their leader’s pronunciation, imagining it to be a mere magician’s trick.

Thankfully the Sir Chairman elaborates, giving details to the anxious crowd: “Under the guise of smoke we’ll invade, driving the Nobodies into the ground. And above Nowhere we’ll construct great mirrors to direct light into Somewhere, so we can bask in its concentrated glory.”

Applause and cheers replace the confused stares of the Somebodies, finally guaranteed supreme domination over the Nobodies.

With a wicked grin the Sir Chairman adds, “With smoke and mirrors we’ll take the Nobodies’ sun away.”

The End

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