Nobodies of Nowhere & Somebodies of Somewhere

The ex-prisoners, the unintelligent, the oddballs, the friendless, the enemy bound and the sons and daughters of them. The once ignored and the hated. They are the Nobodies. 

It may not be as exciting or as historical as Somewhere, and only populated with half that of Somewhere. But Nowhere is a place where minds can be at peace and the heart never skips a beat, unless it be for love. There is no prejudice or neglect, for all the citizens of Nowhere have been victims of it. 

Nobodies' lives are simple. Nowhere is well-equipped with whatever is required to live a content life. There is a fresh supply of water, food and enough oxygen to go around. Each citizen lives in a flat of their own, not one better than the other. Number of rooms according to the number of people residing there, one kitchen, one living room, and a bathroom for every two people (one being the minimum). 

Each piece of furniture is of the same design; the sofa a two-seater, an extra one if need be. An armchair in every bedroom, as well as a wooden desk. Two bookshelves in every household, a number of books already provided. Plus, other necessary items, such as refrigerators or clocks and so forth. They get a choice of color, ranging from all those of the rainbow, and if applicable, possibly a choice of material. No one complains. 

Nobodies and Somebodies don't mix, and Nobodies don't go to Somewhere, and neither do Somebodies go to Nowhere. It's as plain as that. They live separate lives and do not concern with the other party for it only causes conflict and calamity.

The single thing the two places and people share, is the sun. 

The End

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