In a kingdom structured around a royal family that manages the realm protected by hundreds of noble families that are blessed with the gift and use of magic , discord breaks out among noble families, as several of noble families fall from their nobility. The rest jostle for better positions of powers. Two houses that once were strongest allies now threaten war against each other while the heads son and daughter disappear. Meanwhile the kingdom suffers as magic fundamentally changes. Immediately

In the beginning humans were at constant war with demons, trolls, orcs, vampires, and zombies. The human race remained split and weak until Therick Dunsworn gathered the broken tribes, clans, and families together and in a final war managed to push those creatures touched by evil away. With humanity united Therick ordered a white magically tempered wall to be erected to keep the evil beings away, and declared everlasting peace. However peace could not be kept for long on many occasions the walls were breached. So Therick made those who fought along him nobles, and the nobles duties were to provide soldiers who could wield "the light" or magic as it was called then to defend their lands from the demons, and protect those who could not wield the light. For the last 2 millennia humanity has been kept safe from evil or so we had thought. 


"Lieutenant Soren Falcian from squad 15 , I am honored to be in your presence Ma'am." A young man with unkempt short blond hair, with vivid blue eyes bowed before a gorgeous tanned woman with golden eyes a trade mark of the royal family. 

"You may stand lieutenant." The young man stood at five foot nine and wore a rich black cloak embedded with a bright orange emblem on the shoulders in the shape of shied with the number 15 with two blades in the shape of an X behind it. The inside of the cloak appeared to be a dull orange, and underneath the cloak he wore light bronze armour that was embedded in a black material. His face and jaw were slightly round, his shoulders broad. Soren Falcian was not a small man.  ”I am princess Verona Dunsworn commander of your division. You are here because the Noble House of Falcian has summoned you due to the ongoing conflict between your family and the Noble house of Endsblade. I am obliged to let you go in the hopes your presence will ease this conflict, and bring honor not only to yourself but to this division. Am I understood?"  She said with a calm and caring tone with an underlying tone of you will comply. 

"Yes Ma'am. I will leave immediately." Soren said turning around his cloak fluttering light at his feet. 

"Also lieutenant be ready to be called back here at anytime, reports beyond the white walls are saying that the demons are acting up, and strange things are happening in towns near the white walls." 

"Understood." Soren replied before walking away from the princess's obsidian palace.

At the doors he was greeted by a third seat officer named Marek, "So you're leaving?" 

"Yeah, looks like things between my house and the Endsblades have escalated to the point where even the royal family is obligated to step in." 

"You’re not representing your family?" 

“Yes but I as an officer here I also represent the royal family's power, I though you would understand this." Soren said with an annoyed tone. 

"Well you forget my house is much lower than your's. Anyways in your absence is there anything you need to tell me?" 

"Nothing that the Captain won't outline when you meet him." Soren said before stopping, " Actually maybe there is one thing the Princess commander said something of strange happenings in the towns near the white walls. Can you get in touch with squad members in one of those towns to get better details. I have been hearing similar reports but nothing has been handed directly to me. If you find anything I want you contact me, and Marek don't get to flustered with my duties, and if you need help our captain is more than happy to help... Usually." Soren smiled," Good luck." 

" Thank you sir and I will do my best." Marek said with a large lack of courage

"I'm sure you will, Now I have to go Marek, so this is goodbye for now."

"uh, Yes good bye sir!" 


As the orange sunset wandered across the horizon Soren had stopped on the crest of a hill to watch, it had been a while since he had been given the time to watch the sunset especially in this area of the Kingdom where he had grown up. However while he was lost in    nostalgia an arrow shot out of the wood brazing his shoulder and catching his attention as several assailants ambushed him. The air around Soren changed as he readied himself, he swung his right arm out as he called out, " Boneslicer!" A dark orange light shot out from his hand taking on the form of the sword before solidifying into a shining black sword with a blood red hilt, the sword 5 feet long and had made contact with one of the assailants instantly removing the top half of his chest from his body. 

"Surrender, your facing a lieutenant from the protection squads. If you continue I cannot guarantee you will survive!" Soren ordered, but his assailants seemed perfectly happy with those conditions. Without leaving an opening he avoided to sword blows and countered his sword strikes powerfully forcing his opponents back and still cutting even though his blade is directed elsewhere. Another arrow shot out from the forest but was deflected by his blade. 

"White lightning!" Soren called out causing a stream of electricity to tear apart everything around him sending his opponents to the ground and bring out the hidden archer in the woods in front of him.  He put his sword to the archers throat, and looked into the mans, honey brown eyes, and white face, on his neck a tattoo of a blade stabbinging into a thick black smoke gave away who he was.

"An Endsblade no doubt. A bit risky attacking me don't you think? You do know who I am? Don't you? You should at least know by my garb that I am from the protection squads. What are doing so close to the Varion house may I ask? I mean you no harm and I’m sorry for your friend over there."  The man said nothing, and stared back at Soren his eyes wide with fear.  Soren brought his blade closer to the man's neck, " I don't understand you guys, for years our houses have been close, our members even marrying into each other’s houses, we're almost like family, until a year ago when you stole our scroll of spells, and the backstabbing begun. I don't want to see any more of it, so please don't make me turn you in, and answer my questions." 

"I won't tell you or the rest of your family anything!" 

"I wouldn't be sure of that, some of know some pretty handy spells when it comes into reading minds. I'm sure you've heard of them."  The man’s face began to fill with fear yet said nothing as his team mates began to move again, but by that time men from the Varion house had arrived from the surrounding area. 

"What's going on here?" A deep voice asked. 

"Just some Endsblade idiots." Soren replied taking his blade away from the man.

"Soren is that you?"


The End

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