The Leading Lady


“I’ll… take the next one.” That was the last Ben hoped to see of that wavy brown hair and blue crystal-like eyes, and to smell that inviting floral aroma of his ex-wife.

The elevator came down from the tenth floor. Ben went in and saw a tall, beautiful girl standing in the left corner, seeming a little fragile and pale. A familiar face she was, but Ben never met with such rank company. Perhaps if he was a famous author, she would even know his name and they’d become best of friends. Of course, that wasn’t the case.

“ELIZABETH DUVANE!” He shouted, most unexpectedly, startling Ms. Duvane, “Oh, um, sorry, I only just noticed ma’am. Pardon my… outburst.”

He wasn’t sure if she had acknowledged his presence, let alone his apology, with her eyes covered by those sunglasses. Yes, she was glamorous - just like she was described as in the magazines and newspaper articles. What a sight.

“Oh, I…” Ms. Duvane’s voice interrupted his adoring thoughts of her, and he noticed her small black purse on the floor and froze, “Could you, uh, p— Oh—“ Soon her lustrous brown hair carpeted the corner of the elevator floor, her arms and legs lay limp, and her cheeks and lips ever so pale.

“Ms. Duvane?! Are you okay Miss?” She didn’t respond. Ben reached for the sunglasses, and took them off, revealing her closed eyelids.

“Oh Lord!”


The End

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