The elevator was much nicer than the one to his office; this one was carpeted with shiny mirrors on the sides, and had buttons with clearly stamped buttons. Ben pressed for the seventh floor and got off at the ‘ding’ of the elevator. He turned right, to the end of the hallway, to face the door that said in block letters; Dufton & Associates Law Firm. He expected his soon-to-be ex-wife already there – Gwen was always early for everything.

“Hi, I have an appointment with associate, Mr. Derek Bloom,” Ben said politely to the young blonde secretary he had met for the fifth time.

“Of course Mr. Parker. Mr. Bloom and the lady are waiting for you inside the office.” The secretary, by now, was rather well aware of the fact that he was getting a divorce. It was quite embarrassing for Ben to face her; that pitying look on her face when she says ‘the lady’ was starting to make him pity himself. Self-pity is not a good writer’s trait – it allows for overdramatic writing and nonsense.

“Ah, Mr. Parker.” The balding senior associate held out his hand for a shake.

“Good morning Mr. Bloom.” “Gwen.” The legally still, Mrs. Parker, glared at him and caught the tie he was wearing. The brown silk tie was the last gift Gwen gave him; it was at the restaurant ‘La Dulce’, on March 15th. A most ironic occasion to think of, considering the situation at present – their fifth year anniversary. Although, by then things had already become a little shaky.

“So, I’d like to just go over a couple of things. The final split of the assets and whatnot, as well as insurance deals. Then by the end of today’s appointment, if there aren’t any glitches, you two will just sign off and it’ll all be sealed. Fine?”

“Fine,” the used-to-be couple said simultaneously.

There were no glitches; the money transfers were peacefully settled and the insurance would take some time, but that didn’t mean they’d have to still be bound as husband and wife, “I think that’s about it. If you will both sign these two copies.”

The two of them took a pen and separate copy each, ready to unbind themselves from each other. Gwen swiftly signed her name, and at the sound of her pen scratching the paper, Ben understood just how much she wanted it to be over.

He knew all of this was the result of his obsession of words, stories, plots and characters, and if he was able to give up a woman he once thought was the love of his life for that – he figured something amazing and unexpected will come of it. So he signed the paper and the release from each other’s responsibility and care was finally finished as each of their pens scratched their names on to the second copy. 

The End

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