Chapter 8Mature

I wake up with a raging headache. Well this hurts. I try to sit up and I bash my head off something. I put my hands to my head and groan. That really doesn’t help. I look around and realise that it’s pointless. The room is another black void due to no lighting. A soulless black void even.  I hear noises around me, faintly familiar voices. I try to attach a voice to the faces in my memory. I finally find the right one. It’s my mother. She’s arguing with someone. I don’t know who. Maybe she’s trying to find out where I am. I then hear “How could he do this to me? I will be the talk of the town! I won’t be able to leave the house for weeks! How embarrassing!” Oh. I sit there in stunned silence, not sure how to react.  I sit there as so many emotions wash over me. I think I should cry, but I’m not sure. My head hurts and my heart is heavy. I have no idea what to do, or what I’m doing. I just sit there as the hours slip by. My headache eventually ebbs away. I then realise someone is calling my name. It’s my mother, again. Better go see what she wants. I get up, and walk forward, ignoring the darkness around me. I use my mothers’ voice to try and guide me through this void maze. I was unsuccessful. I tripped over something big and heavy, and I fell on some sort of wooden box that collapsed under me, breaking into a million pieces. I feel the pain of several wooden boards whacking me at once. I groan as I scramble to get myself back on my feet. I still hear my mother calling me, so I trudge on, only a little more cautiously.

I eventually reach the place where the sound is the loudest. My mothers’ voice is just calling and calling for me. I put my hands out in front of me and try to feel for a wall or door. My hands eventually come across something, but it wasn’t what I was expecting. It felt like a piece of clothing. I felt my way around it, trying to discover what it was exactly. Every time I touched it, it kept getting brighter. I realised that it was just a giant blanket. I kept touching it, wondering if it will get bright enough to act like a torch. It kept getting brighter and brighter, but I started feeling like there was something strange in the atmosphere, as if I was drawing some kind of power. Suddenly, in the blink of an eye, a gnarled face emerged from the blanket and screamed “Kill yourself!” at me and disappeared again, taking the light with it. I sigh inwardly, turn to the right and start walking straight ahead, searching for something to let me out of here, or at least a torch so I could see what I was doing. My hands come in contact with something cold and smooth. I reach downward and felt something I was hoping for. A door handle. I yank the handle downward and then I pull the handle in hungry excitement. It opened easily and smoothly. What was on the other side made my excitement short lived. It was Alex. He was staring bug-eyed at my arm, I look down and see my arm is bleeding from where the wooden planks had hit me. My arm was a mess of my own blood. Great.

“What happened?” Alex asks, still looking like he’s in shock. “I fell on some wooden boxes” I reply.  “What were you doing in there anyway?” Alex asks. “I’m not really sure. I woke up there. Must have blacked out or something.” I reply. I don’t want to tell him what really happened, because he wouldn’t believe me, or something along those lines anyway. He sighs and takes something out of his pocket. It’s a black, rectangular panel. “Hold out your arm” he says. I comply, and he puts the device over my arm and presses a button. With a slight burning sensation, my arm stops bleeding and the skin heals over. “That’s a really cool device.” I casually mention. “Yeah I know. Now come on, we’ve got a meeting to attend to.” He says, and walks down the hall without so much as an explanation. Someone’s not in a mood to talk. After a quick scan of the place, I start following him down the corridor, wondering what the meeting was about, and why. I feel apprehensive about the whole situation.  We kept walking down a seemingly endless barrage of hallways. I asked Alex several times how much further it is and every time he kept saying “It’s not far now”. This place really is a maze, every hallway is the exact same, as if we are just in an endless loop. At last, Alex stops at a door the exact same as the others and says “Here we are!” It is my turn to look bug-eyed at him. How on earth does he know which door is which?  Alex saw the look on my face, points towards the door and says “It has a red dot on the door”. I look closely at the door. There is a tiny red spot on the door. Well that’s noticeable. Alex opens the door and walks in, leaving the door open for me to follow. I hesitate for a minute before following suit, and closing the door behind me. 

The End

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