Chapter 7Mature

After a while, I get up out of bed and I walk to the door. I try to open the door but it seems to be locked. This is getting ridiculous! I gather my energy into one kick and manage to kick the door down. The door is sent flying clear of its’ hinges and lands on the ground with a convincing thud. I did not realize I am that strong. I walk out into the hallway and immediately someone shouted ‘Hey!’ to me. I freeze on the spot and look to my right towards the sound. A fairly burly guy comes running up towards me and shouts in my face; ‘you asshole! Why did you break the door again?! We were only halfway finished repairing it after you broke it yesterday!’ What? I was asleep all this time. I push the guy away from me and curse at him and I run off in the other direction. Suddenly, long claws come into my vision. The hands come soon after and wrap themselves around me, dragging me back the way I came. ‘You’re not escaping me!’ says the burly guy. Except, he’s not burly anymore, he has morphed into a spider-like creature but with four legs and a pair of ridiculously long arms which are holding me in an unbreakable grasp. His arms and legs have five claws each and his stomach is touching the ground. He has four eyes spanning across his face in perfect order and his mouth is covered by a pair of spider-like fangs.

He opens his fanged mouth and drags me towards them. I lash out with my right leg, trying to do what I did before with the door. I keep kicking and miss every time.  Get it right you. Finally, I make contact with the guys face and he is sent sprawling, releasing me in the process. I get up and turn around to walk away but Alex is blocking the way. Oh great, now what does he want? “Apologize to her” he commands. “Wait, what? That’s not a girl and he attacked me first!” I say. “Apologize to her” he repeats. “Pffft! Whatever!” I say and push past him making my way down the corridor. He continues to talk as I walk away from him. “You’re a monster! You’re gonna pay for this!” I burst out laughing and turn around saying “I’m a monster? Who’s the one that transformed from a broken typewriter? I’m the only one here who is not a monster!” Alex just shakes his head and walks away.

I continue my way down the hallway, passing by more and more doors. Eventually, I reach the door at the end of the hallway. The final door! I put my hand on the door-handle to open the door. I pull down on the handle while pushing forward, but the door seems to be stuck. I keep the handle down and I shoulder the door. The door bursts open to reveal a room with no light. The room is so dark it looks like a black void. I hug the wall while I look for a light-switch. I pace the room while continuing to hug the wall and I eventually walk into a corner. I turn the corner following the wall when the floor opens up and swallows me whole. I fell through the darkness for what feels like an eternity when something hits me on the back of my head and I black out.

The End

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