Chapter 6Mature

I eventually wake up again and I get up to turn off the shower when I realise that there is no water underneath me and my clothes are dry. I look up and notice there is no shower head above me but there are some fluorescent ceiling lights. Feeling sarcastically downtrodden, I look around and realise I am in a different room, again. Will this game ever end? I think to myself.  I walk to the door and try to open it, not caring about what’s behind me. The handle will not turn and the door will not open by forceful pushing. Great, I’m locked in here. What kind of torture do they have planned for me this time? Probably some giant doughnuts that will eat me. I think humourlessly. I hear a metallic typing noise behind me so I turn around to see an old typewriter using itself. Great, my roommate is either a ghost or a cast-off member from Beauty and the Beast. I think to myself. I walk over to the typewriter to see what is being typed. All that is being typed is “I’m Alex” over and over again. Just to have some fun, I thought I’d ruin the sheet by pressing a few keys. What a big mistake that is. The typewriter opens up underneath the keys and closes down hard on my fingers. I feel my fingers break. I bash the typewriter with my other hand and yell at it “Let go! You’re not nice! Give me my hand back you stupid machine!” Somehow, the typewriter seems to be grinning at me as it opens itself back up to release my fingers. In revenge, I pick up the typewriter and throw it against the wall, managing to somehow break it. I thought they were indestructible. These guys should ask for a refund. I think as the typewriter falls on the ground in big pieces.

I am about to turn around to see what else I can do for fun when the pile of scrap metal from the typewriter starts to tremor.   A clothed body starts to emerge from the pile as if it is being born. Well, this is new, I think. The figure looks at me and remarkably resembles a human boy of about 7. He points at himself and says “I’m Alex.” He then proceeds to point at me and says “Who are you?” “I have no idea anymore” I say dumbfounded. “I know who you are!” Alex says excitedly. “You’re me! From the future! You’re name is Alex too! This is our bedroom!” I look at him in confusion and say “but, this is not where I live. I live somewhere else in a place with blue skies and a greenery everywhere. I don’t belong here!” He looks at me in shock for a minute before regaining his composure and says “You want to go back don’t you? Back to that place?” With this statement, he takes a remote control out of his pocket and points it at the wall and presses a button. A projected screen turns on at the back wall and a video shows of my hometown with my “friends” playing football out on the street but I did not recognise the goalie as it is not me. “This is where you want to go back to isn’t it?” Alex said in a flat tone that people use to make statements. “Yes.” I say. “Yes! This is it! This is my home! Can you send me back and if so, how and when?” I say excitedly. Alex exhales loudly and in a drawn-out manner as if he’s tired of explaining something. “This is not your hometown, Alex. This is another world that you destroyed long ago on a mission. That is not your reality. In saying that, you probably don’t think this place is your reality so I’m really just wasting my time and I would rather go and play with the other kids. So if you need me, I’ll be in the play room” With this, he walks off leaving me with so many questions that it made my head hurt. 

My thoughts crash at me like violent waves. What does he mean that that is not my reality? This is not my reality! Is it? How can it be? He’s the only other one that has the same human build up as me! Is this a lie to trick me? I have no powers to destroy anything. I’m weak. I’m nothing. I’m a nobody. He’s wrong. He’s wrong. He’s wrong. He’s wrong. Isn’t he? Why am I having doubts about myself and my beliefs? Is it because of this place? Is it because of everything that has happened here? Or is it because there’s no 100% proof of either this reality or the other? Maybe I should play their game for awhile and say that this is my reality to see what happens. Maybe then I can find a way to escape back to my reality if I have access to everywhere. It’s funny though, I have always felt like I was looking at my reality through a window. Maybe that’s why I always felt so alone? Maybe. Maybe I just don’t know anymore. Maybe I just should not do anything anymore. I think as I sit down with my back against the wall and curl my arms around my legs. I begin to cry. I don’t know why, but I do. Maybe I just wanted everything to end, to be free of this, to wake up and everything being okay again. I cry and cry and cry until I turn numb and cold and no more tears come because I stop feeling anything but this numbing cold. I don’t know how long I sat there before Alex came back, ignored me and crawled into his bed in the corner. He fell asleep peacefully soon after. Must be night time. That was the last thought I had thought. The rest of the night I sat there staring blankly at the wall, not moving and not thinking. 

I wake up with a start. I must have fallen asleep at some point in the night. I look around to see Alex has gone out again. I get up, and walk over to the spare bed and lie down on it. I don’t move from the spot for the whole day. Whatever day is. Alex never checked on me once.

The End

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