Chapter 5Mature

I wake up in the hallway, again. The walls have changed, again. Am I immortal or something? I think as I look around at my new surroundings. The walls are grey and old with moss and plants oozing out of it as if this place is some kind of ancient ruin. The lights on the ceiling have been replaced with fire torches in brackets bolted to the walls so the hallway is very dim, swathed in the shadows of darkness. I get up, pull my shirt up above my stomach to check my injury. There is no wound. I feel my back for the entry wound. There is nothing there either. Feeling confused, I start walking down the corridor. I feel strange as I walk down the corridor, as if something is missing. Then it hits me, there are no doors here. Not a single door. No entrance, no exit. I start to worry. How am I meant to get out? What am I supposed to do? Where am I supposed to go? What is my goal actually? I think as I stroll aimlessly down the seemingly endless corridor.

It feels like a lifetime has been and gone by the time I reach the end of the corridor. Funny how I seem to never run out of energy I think as I stare at the heavy steel door in front of me. I shove hard against the steel door and it opens quite easily into what seems to be a disused community shower room.  There is a switch beside me. I wonder what horrors this will conjure? A monkey with a teapot for a head? I think with blatant disinterest. Nothing really happens. The showers just turn on. They look pretty nice and warm I think. I close the door behind me, quickly undress and step into a random shower. They say some people do a lot of thinking while taking a shower. I’m one of those people. It used to be the only time I was able to get away from people back at my house. In this place you have a lot of time to think what with technically being all alone and what not but surprisingly I kept a lot bottled up for some reason. This shower broke that bottle and everything came pouring out as one big messy goo. Where am I? Why is everything changing? Why me? What’s going to happen to me? Help! What about my life at home? What life? I never had a life! I was a loser there and I’m going to die here all alone. Nothing’s very different. This is all completely stupid. Help! My parents are probably not even worried about me, just about themselves and their reputation. They’re probably looking for me for themselves and will beat me black and blue when they find me for making a show of them. They don’t care about me. Why even bother? I’m never going to see them again. Help! Why do I keep on getting killed but keep waking up with not a mark on me? Why do I never have the need to eat, drink or sleep? What was up with the people that looked like me in the mirror and the me that killed me? Help! Is there some kind of message I’m supposed to get or know? Is there supposed to be a reason behind this or am I just playing some random twisted game in which I’m the pawn? If I had a wish what would I wish for? Death, to return to my old life or for this sick game to end? What if there’s no exit, what if I’m to die in this place? Help! What if there’s a grander plan for me? What if there’s more torture ahead? Will I die or will I live for eternity this way? Someone who keeps on walking forward forever but never getting anywhere? I want answers. Please someone give me answers. I’m so scared. I want my bedroom. I don’t want to be here. It’s so scary. Everything’s not normal. Everything’s not okay. I’m scared. I’m scared. I’m scared. Someone please help me, anyone at all. Please, I’m scared. Please help. It’s scary. So scary. Get me out! I’m scared so get me out! My thoughts suddenly became shouts as panic and fear over took me. “Let me out! I don’t want to be here! Get me out! I’m scared okay? You got what you wanted so let me go! Get me out! Get me out! Get me out! Someone! Please! I’ll give you anything you want so please let me go! I’m scared! Help! Help! Help! HELP!!!!” I scream as blood starts pouring out of my nose and mouth.  I look down at the tray beneath me and see the crimson water quickly turning blood red as my blood rushed out of my body with no sign of it letting up. I was shaking, shaking so badly. I suddenly got the inescapable urge to wash myself with the bloody water and my brain turns off. My instinct came into action and followed suit to my urge. I take my bloodbath with a grin. 

After a few minutes, I come back to my senses. I look at myself and was indifferent to what I had just done. I guess I just don't care anymore. I stand up from my crouched position and just wash off all the blood as if it is the most normal thing to do. I lift up my head to wash my face when I felt my brain suffocating. My breathing is cut off and my whole body went weak causing me to collapse in a heap on the ground with the blood still pouring out of me. I can not breathe and I can not move but I am awake. Oh yes, I am awake and I am watching myself die slowly. Ever so slowly. Using my instincts, I push my lungs up and down in a breathing motion trying to get them to work again and tried wriggling my fingers to try and get my body to function its’ motor skills as well. My fingers move first, and I weakly shift my body onto its side so I could pump my lungs easier. Everything is starting to grow black from suffocation when suddenly my breathing finally came back online. There is something stuck in my wind pipe causing me to cough and I quickly move onto my hands and knees to hack up what was causing me to choke. I hack and hack and hack for what seems like an age as the strength I gathered quickly disappears and I grow increasingly weaker. One final big hack and a semi-dry glob of blood is spat onto the floor. I fall onto my side and rest after that struggle to live. Breathing heavily, I realise there isn't any thoughts flooding through my head, all I concentrated on is breathing and regaining my strength and energy. I am still under the shower and I am getting soaked but I did not care. It is more refreshing than anything else.  I hear the door open and I look across to it. Someone is just standing there. I close my eyes and pretend to sleep and I hear the door close and the sound of footsteps disappeared down the hallway.

The End

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