Chapter 4Mature

I open the door and walk inside, closing the door behind me. The place is empty and dark apart from a small light coming from the far end of the room. The lamp is situated on a table. I, in a natural mix of stupidity and curiosity, walk over to the table and to find a marker and a piece of paper with a poem written on it;

Sitting there through insomniac nights,

Just waiting for the darkness to finish its meals.

Walking along with people shouting my name,

Whether it’s a dream or a reality, it’s all just the same.


A silent soul, a melting table

A moving room, a wall unstable,

A colourful vision, a lonely soul,

The constant reminder of a warped mind,

Is kept hidden from the foe.


A little blood bath,

Is all that is needed,

To have a good long laugh,

When warnings go unheeded.

I pick up the marker and write ‘Fuck you’ in at the bottom of the poem. I suddenly feel a great anger rise up inside me and I hastily scrawled “FUCK YOU” in big capital letters all over the walls and when I am done with that I throw the marker across the room in anger while yelling out loud a string of curse words. I cross the room and retrieve the marker and I repeat my actions and I do it again and again until I realise it doesn't help my anger or my situation or anything at all really. “This is fucking stupid” I muttered to myself. I pick up the marker and put it in my pocket. I then open the door and left the room.

I decide to run up and down the hallway to calm down.  The hallway is longer than I expected as I run along it with my footsteps loudly echoing around the hall. Eventually I tired myself out and sat down somewhere around the middle of the hallway. I rest my head against my knees and before I know it I fell asleep. I did not dream, I just slept out of exhaustion. I wake up having no idea whether it’s day or night. I guess this place has no concept of time. I sit there for awhile thinking about what I should do. Should I just sit here and wait until someone comes and finds me or more likely rot like this or should I just keep myself entertained while I slowly waste away?  I think the second option is the best. Is what I thought. After I had made my decision I sighed, stood up, dusted myself off (even though there is no dust) and I casually open the door in front of me and walk inside, quietly closing the door behind me.

I look around the dim room.  There is an entire glass pane replacing the left side wall with a low bar table running across it and a table with five buttons on it on the right side wall. Guess this is an observation room. I am starting to walk towards the buttons to look at them when I suddenly heard a large bang on the window. I turn around and see a bloody hand-print on the window but I can not see who made it as the room beyond the window is dark. Another bang and another bloody hand appeared. I creep forward to the window and try to peer into the darkness. At this time I realise there is a light switch beside me the whole time. I get zero points for observation.  I turn on the switch as the banging continues and the light inside the other room turns on and I freeze in shock. This thing either is or is not human. Its arms and legs have been replaced with blades and its hands and arms are stitched onto its stomach and could somehow move as if the muscles have been re-attached or attached to the brain. It is attacking the window as if it is desperate to escape and figured glass is the weaker material in the room. I hope it is right. I walk slowly backwards, stumble and fell kicking a button underneath the bar table. I stand up with my foot throbbing and look through the window to see what I have just triggered. My blood ran cold. The door in that room has opened. It has escaped. It has hands. It knows I’m here. Panic washes over me as I search the room for something that can be used as a weapon or to see if there’s anything useful. There is nothing I can think of when my eyes look at the buttons again. It is a long shot but I may as well. I walk over to the buttons and burst out laughing.

There are little cartoon drawing stickers on them. One is a whirlwind, another is a pink flying elephant, another is a cuddly cat, another is a volcano and the last is an explosion. Just for fun I decide to pick the pink flying elephant as the others might have a more dangerous role for me depending on the size of its radius. I press the button and a sudden loud noise from the hallway is growing louder as it is getting closer. I hear it trumpet as a giant pink elephant with tiny white angel-like wings stampedes past. A blipping noise is coming from behind me and I turn around to see what it is. The window has been replaced with a screen. The screen has a map of the corridor on it. There is a large yellow dot moving quickly down the hallway with a white dot in front of it. I start giggling again and shout “Pacman’s coming to get you!” with a big grin on my face. The yellow dot caught up with the white dot after a few seconds and the white dot disappeared. I walk over to the door and peep around the door towards the end of the corridor. The pink elephant is there but the other thing is not. Did the elephant crush it? I walk over to the elephant and realise it is dead. Well, I assumed it is as it has been stabbed several times in the face. I turn around to run back. Too late. I feel cold hard steel pierce through my stomach. The thing picks me up in its hands and turns me towards its face, or what is left of it. Its eyes are sad and pitying. It looks like it recognised me from a long time ago, like a distant friend and I realised something. This thing is me. How did this happen? Is this what will become of me?  I thought these thoughts as I everything went black and I lost consciousness.

The End

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