Chapter 3Mature

I woke up in a hallway lined with doors upon doors heading off to god-knows-where. It has an ultra-modern look and feel to it. The walls are smooth with new looking blue-grey paint on them. The lighting panels on the ceiling are well-maintained and are almost too bright. My first thought is Is this what the afterlife looks like? then, Am I actually dead? and my final thought is Is this all a dream?. I had no answer, of course, so I decide to go and do the most stupid thing I can think of; I turn to my right and begin to open the first door. Damn my curiosity. 

I shove open the door so it will slam against the wall to make sure there is no surprise attacks from behind the door. I really need to stop watching horror movies. I look around the room. There is one wall lamp at the far end glowing miserably. The room is empty apart from one floor-to-ceiling mirror and one marble table. Odd room I thought. Well at least nothing can really jump out and surprise me because of the lack of hiding places, even though that's also a disadvantage on my part I suppose. I creep inside and close the door softly behind me. This would be a good hiding spot, I thought as I sit down with my back against the door. No one would be able to find me here. I stare at the side of the mirror sensing that something is off about it. I thought about it for maybe 10 minutes before I got the courage to stand up and walk to it and I immediately see what is wrong. It isn't me staring back. It is a very sad looking individual but it doesn't look like it is feeling sorry for itself, but it looks like it is feeling sorry for me. Which is weird, the mirror-person doesn't even know me so how can it feel sorry for someone it doesn't know? I stare at the mirror-person for awhile when I start to match up the facial features under the doom and gloom expressions of the eyes and mouth and I realise it was me. How could that be? I don't even feel sad and I'm pretty sure I don't look that pathetic, or do I? I test it by grinning and waving at the mirror-person feeling like a complete idiot and the mirror-person doesn't move an inch much less change its expression. I start to get really freaked out so I take a step backwards and I am about to turn around when mirror-person decided it is time to become animated for once. It lifts its arm up and points behind me with a look of horror on its face. I look at the mirror-person in utter confusion for a split second before I feel something hit me from behind. I fall to the floor and just before everything I pass out I saw a shape leaving the room and another with its arm holding open the door and looking at me while the other thing exits the room. Then everything went black.

I wake up, or am I dreaming? Who cares anymore? Anyway, I wake up in some sort of valley that is teeming with life. The place is covered with grass and trees are dotted everywhere. There are small animals running around here and there and down at the end there is a lake. I suddenly feel thirsty so I get up and walk to it with all the animals scattering away from me. Why are animals so shy? I get to the lake after about 20 minutes of trekking the landscape and I kneel down to drink the cool, sweet water. After taking my fill, I turn around and sit down to watch the world at play. Everything seems to be almost laughing with the joy of being alive. From the simplest blade of grass to the fox cubs wrestling on a nearby hillside, everything seems to have the perfect ebb and flow of life. There is a small grouping of rabbits near me and suddenly one of them stops feeding and hops over to me while stopping every few hops to sniff the air curiously. It eventually comes over to me and hops onto my lap and I can feel its little heart beating rapidly with fear so I decide to leave it alone and not touch it. I stay perfectly still and continue to watch the world. My curiosity got the better of me, again, and I look down at the rabbit. I move my hand slowly onto the rabbits head and proceed to rub its head gently. This seems to calm it so I start gently rubbing its left ear, the same as I have done to any pet I've played with, when its ear suddenly comes off as if it is a mannequin. I stare in horror as blood starts to spout out of its ear and staining its snowy white fur with blood. It looks at me with hurt in its eyes as blood starts to come out of its eyes as if it is crying before its eyes pop out. I start screaming as its skin seems to slide off and blood is falling off me in cascades and forming a pool around me. I jump up and go over to the lake to try and rinse the blood off me but the water has no effect and suddenly the blood was running into the lake causing the blue to become blood red. I am frantic at this point. I turn around I am about to run away when the view causes my legs to buckle from under me. the entire world is stained with blood and is starting to disintegrate. before my very eyes. A loud booming voice in my head keeps yelling at me THIS IS YOUR FAULT over and over again. I shout "No!" out loud and I run away from the growing darkness as fast as I can, but it is faster than me and is gaining ground rapidly as the world behind me falls into darkness. It eventually catches up with me and I fall into the void of the unknown as the world completely crumbles around me with the same line repeating in my head THIS IS YOUR FAULT! THIS IS YOUR FAULT! THIS IS YOUR FAULT! THIS IS YOUR FAULT!

I wake up screaming "It's not my fault! I didn't do anything! Shut up!" I realise I am still in that room and I am laying on the marble table covered in my own sweat. "Lovely! Now I need a shower!" I said to myself. I get up and look at the mirror with that pathetic person staring at me again. I kick the mirror causing it to fall and smash into dozens of glittering pieces before wrenching open the door and storming out into the hallway shouting profanities along the way. I look at the hallway and realise it isn't exactly how I left it. The floor has black scuff marks on it and some of the overhead lights are hanging by a wire. I mutter to myself that I don't really care and I am suddenly overwhelmed by sadness and burst into tears. I was like that for about 30 seconds before I stood back up straight, wiped my eyes, walked across the hallway and opened the opposite door.

The End

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