Chapter 2Mature

It didn't take long for my journey to end. I land in a square metallic-grey room didn't have much lighting apart from a single bulb hanging from the ceiling in the middle of the room. I look around at my surreoundings. There are many stange looking boxes and equipment around the room. It is too gloomy to get a proper look. I have a strong feeling of not being alone and the hairs all rised to a stand point as the cold creeping feeling of fear takes over. I feel around the wall behind me with my hands, too scared to take my eyes off the room in front of me. There is no door behind me. This is a sealed room. My brains turns off with that realisation. I stop breathing and my legas buckle under me. Blood starts pouring out of my nose and mouth as if there is enough to go around for everyone. I struggle internally. I pump my chest in and out to try and get my ability to breathe back and I try to move my fingers. Nothing is working. I panic more and more as time passed by as I knew I am suffiocating. Everything is starting to get a black tinge to it when my body involuntarily chokes and my whole body jerks. I quickly got up on all fours and start to cough rapidly because my life depends on it. I cough and cough and feel my body rapidly weakening because of the lack of oxygen, then suddendly, success. I hack up and spit out a big glob of blood that was blocking my airwaves. I collapse in relief and I am left lying on my side gasping. The blood is still pouring out of my body but at least I can breathe now. The fear is out of my system for now as I concentrate on just breathing this gold mine of life source.

When my breathing became normal again, I am suddenly yanked up into the air by a massive hand and I am lifted up to the one source of light in the room. I look down and see something grotesque looking back up at me. It has the face of a bull dog with -what looks like- an eye cut in half and placed on the edges of the front of its' face. It has no nose and its mouth has two bottom lips giving way to two different rows of teeth which are both underbites. It uses one of its countless grimy claws to lift up my chin so the light will reflect better on me face. It moves my face to the right and left, then nods at something in the distance. It then drops my body unceremoniously on to the floor. I land sideways onto my shoulder and shout more from surprise than from pain.

I hear a gruff laughter as I am dragged towards a corner of the room. I am then effortlessly picked up and dumped into a glass box. The creature flips over the cover lid and I hear a click. There are dozens of holes in the lid. I feel like a pet lizard being delievered home. I hear another click and a whirr, and something starts decending from the ceiling. It has the shape of the old rubber stamps except instead of the stamp at the bottom is had spikes. Dozens and dozens of sharp conical metal spikes. My blood runs cold as sudden realisation creeps over me. The spikes match the holes. I am going to die and that is it. I didn't shout for help and I didn't even struggle. Death is approaching me, enticing me into its dark embrace. I just stare straight into deaths eye. I didn't even blink as the spikes go slowly through the holes and pierce my body. This is the point where I am reborn.

The End

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