Chapter 1Mature

A full story I've been/I am working on. Not finished yet so chapters will be added when they are finished and won't be one massive upload.
This is a horror story that I believe is a true version of horror. There are parts in which you will see influences from the likes of Stephen King, HP Lovecraft and Clive Barker.

Note: This content says Mature but there's a little profanity in Chapter 4 and that is all.

I am out on my street playing with my "friends". I am the goalie, as always. Tom, a player on the other team kicks the ball into the air straight out of the play area. We all look in dismay as the ball crashes into the upper floor of the abandoned house. We aren't getting that back, or so we thought. Tom has other ideas. He points at me and says 'It's your turn to get the ball this time around'. 'But I got it last time' I protest. He comes up to me and slaps me around the head and yells into my face 'I say it's your turn so go and get the ball or do you want me to tell your old man that you were skipping school again to go drinking behind the community centre?" I hang my head in resignation and and start slowly walking towards the abandoned house. That story is in no way true but my parents believe everyone else over me even if it's not a very convincing story. I open the rusted front gate to the garden. It makes a piercing squeak is it swings open. I creep past the metallic blue van with graffiti covering most of it. The van msut be broken down as it is still in the driveway and not burnt out in some random field. I made my way to the door riddled with woodworms and hesitatingly placed a shaking hand onto the brass doorknob. I feel my heart hammering against my chest as I turn the doorknob and open the door. The door creaks open and ultimately breaks off its weak hinges and thuds loudly onto the floor making me nearly jump out of my skin in surprise. I hear Tom laughing from  the street. 'I said get the ball not destroy the house!' He laughs. I ignore him and continue into the gloom.

I cough fitfully as the door continues disturb the years of dust that is fluttering furiously around the air. I look around through watery eyes (from coughing so much) at my surroundings. It is an average modern suburban home except for a staircase which divided the house into two. The kitchen is to the left and the living room is on the right. The only difference is the dust covering everything from ceiling to floor with cobwebs and spiders occupying every available space and long-dried bloodstains splattered randomly on the walls and floors with the odd bloody handprint here and there. A gruesome murder happened here a few years ago. The entire family were tortured and then killed. It was a single random act of murder but the police are still trying to find the killer. Everyone's saying that the guy just disappeared off the face of the planet. That's inprobable though. No one can just disappear really. I walk up the staircase to where the football is. The stairs give an ageing groan with every step I take. The wood has completely decayed in some places. "Better be careful", I thought. I reach the top of the stairs and walk down the hallway to the room where the ball has landed in. I walk into the room and spot the ball underneath the window. I look all around me before going to pick up the ball. I have watched to many horror movies I suppose. The coast is clear so I pick up the football and look out the gap in the wall where a window is supposed to be. I wave at the guys to signal that I have retrieved the ball and they motion me at me to throw it down from where I am standing. I lift up my arms and throw the football as hard as I can out the window and it bounces off the van below and lands in the street. I turn around and start to make my way out of the room when the floorboards below me gave way and I fall into the overwhelming darkness.

I wake up and find myself in a cinema complex of all things. What is strange though is I hear talking and laughing all around me but no one is there to place faces to the voices. I stand up and start walking towards the exit hearing the voices growing less and less audible. Curiosly, I walk towards the cinema theatres to where the voices are louder while kicking myself mentally because I'm not doing the smart and running away. As I turn the corner to where the voices are coming from, I see a strange dusty-blue cloud appearing from under the door of the theatre at the far end. I walk towards it and realise the voices are coming from in there. Panic striked me as I think that something may be terribly wrong and the people in there may be in huge trouble. I yank open the door and run inside. I ran around the winding short hallways to find out that the seats are empty and no one is there. Still there is no one to match the voices that are chatting about their average days. The lights start to dim and one by one the voices disappear and I realise that a movie is about to start. I pick a random seat in the back and sit down ready to run at any minute. The credits roll and a man wearing a cowboy hat walks into a saloon to show that it is a western-type movie. "This looks good" I think.

Half way through the movie a swirling hole appears right in the middle of the screen and seems to lead to darkness. 'My queue to go' I mutter to myself. I stand up and start making my way down the stairs when -what felt like- an invisible hand start pushing me towards the screen. I struggle against it, trying to duck and dodge but it is unsuccessful. It can guess my every move. I arrive at the screen and stare up at the mysterious hole. I suddenly felt an impulsion to touch it. I lift my hand up to it and it moves lower towards me as if telling me to give into my desire to touch it. I stops as soon as it is within reach and just keeps swirling happily. I give in to my desire and I touch it. It feels cool and light yet like cotton wool, giving off a very weird sensation. I try to pull back but my hand will not respond. The swirling hole pushes itself out of the screen and covers my body. It lifts me off my feet and drags me with it to somewhere new.

The End

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